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  1. The argument for best team in the state was held March 7-11 at BB&T arena. Campbell County failed to show up. Campbell had a good year by all accounts but you gotta close the deal to be called the best.
  2. For the record.....in the 96-10 Mercer County vs Burgin Game the Fab five were in street clothes on the end of the bench. They played zero minutes.
  3. Just to be clear. Are you saying that the officiating was poor overall or that all three officials intentionally called the game in Highlands favor?
  4. Manual, Eastern, SHA, Nelson Co., GRC, Bullitt East and CAL are all on the same side.
  5. Lady Titans go 4-0 and win the Naples Holiday Shootout American Division. Seygan Robins named tournament MVP.
  6. She did. That puts all 5 starters over 1000 pts. Pretty cool.
  7. I believe Mercer currently has 3 over 1000, 1 over 2000 and one more expected to get 1000 any day now. The 6th is close as well but I'm not sure how close.
  8. I get it. I've been there a couple times and it is tough. You drive 2 hrs to watch your kid/team play And they get waxed. Not only do they lose but it's a beat down. Games over before halftime kind of beat down. Nothing going your way, can't get a call, the Titans are hitting one 3 after another, your girls can't buy a bucket, guy in the front row is an idiot and you have a 2 hr drive home with the ole lady busting your chops the whole way for things you have no control over. I get it man. Here is the good news. The schedule gets a little softer after this one. The Camels have a good little team and are gonna beat some people. Just not gonna beat the Titans.
  9. Burgin vs Silver Grove is a possibility as well. Mason and GRC can definitely win the region and round one in the sweet 16. Those other 4...I have a hard time seeing it.
  10. Lady Titans get the home win Against the Camels. Faith Lake joins the 1000 pt club in the victory. Emmy Souder with 28 pts to lead the Titans.
  11. Mason County seemed lost in the final couple of minutes. No one seemed to want the ball in their hands at the end of the game. Duvall for Bullitt East had no problem taking control at crunch time for her team. That was the difference in the game.
  12. Sacred Heart by 12-15. SK needs a little more time to figure it out.
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