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  1. The stat guy for SK is Sam Roberts. Outstanding young man and has been a huge help to the program.
  2. It is the 21 at 7:30 it is Ryle's Homecoming. They can not play on Saturday.
  3. Enquirer NKY Coaches' Poll (First-place votes in parentheses) 1. Highlands (9)…126 2. Simon Kenton (4)…121 3. Dixie Heights…91 4. Campbell County…87 5. Beechwood…79 6. Covington Catholic…63 7. Cooper…62 8. Ryle…29 9. Newport Central Catholic…23 10. Scott…22 Others receiving votes: Conner 4; Walton-Verona 4; Lloyd 2; Newport 2. Thoughts???? SK getting more votes for the #1 spot.
  4. To those of you on here giving kudos to our Twenhofel coaches, THANK YOU! They are always a classy group of men with only the best intentions of developing these boys into good football players and respectful, classy young men. Win or lose, I am proud to be a Bred!
  5. Really? He changed his pants in the locker room but not his jersey? The jersey was changed on the sidelines right in front of Twenhofel fans.
  6. Exactly--you clean it up and move on. That's all Twenhofel wanted--change his uniform, pants included, and finish the game! I watched them change his jersey on the sidelines, but not his pants.
  7. No there isn't. The claim made by the coaching staff and the boy's father was that he does it all the time because he's nervous. Even if that's the case, it still doesn't make it okay to continue to let him play with vomit all over him. That's just common sense and common courtesy. However, it seems odd that he was still nervous in the third quarter when they were winning 34-6. I watched Ludlow play at Twenhofel earlier in the season and I don't recall seeing anyone vomit. And we have friends who play for Turkeyfoot, and there were no players vomiting when they played Ludlow. The kid was obviously dehydrated, cramping and weak. Regardless of why he was vomiting, his safety was not placed first. Would any of you want to touch or land in someone else's vomit? I bet not.
  8. Sweat is not a source of disease transmission. Blood and vomit is
  9. I am a Twenhofel parent as well as the wife of one of the assistant coaches. I am also a healthcare professional. The young man in question was vomiting on the field during play, as well as on the sidelines. He would walk off the field and vomit, not even able to stand up. This happened several times. Right before the end of the second quarter the trainer escorted him to the locker room. However he returned for the third quarter, and continued to vomit on the field. Twenhofel's coaches refused to continue the game until he changed his uniform. It had nothing to do with the fact that we were losing. Ludlow is a great team having a great season. We expected to lose that game, especially considering that was Twenhofel's 6/7th grade team playing against a lot of 8th graders. After much discussion between the coaches, the player's jersey was changed on the sidelines from #40 to #54. However, his pants were never changed. As a healthcare professional it is appalling to me that anyone on that field did not take into consideration that very boy was being exposed to someone else's BODILY FLUIDS! That is no different than if he had blood or urine on his uniform. It's called universal precautions--it is assumed that all fluids are infectious. Not only were players being subjected to this every time they touched him, but also every time they fell on the field, or when the linemen had to place their hands on the ground. I am disappointed that those of you on here are saying Twenhofel quit because we were losing, or that we just don't like seeing little Ludlow win. I have family that lives in Ludlow and goes to school there. To me, it's a lack of consideration for the well being and health of every other player out there. I've been around football long enough to see young men vomit when they are nervous. But not in the third quarter when you are winning 34-6. As a mom, I would never place a win as more important than my son's health. As a healthcare professional I can tell you it is absolutely not normal for an otherwise "healthy" 13/14 year old boy to vomit that frequently. He was pale and obviously dehydrated. It was disheartening to see a team, as well as the coaches,with a winning season show such poor sportsmanship, as they stood there on the sidelines, clapping and encouraging the disrespectful comments being yelled from the Ludlow parents/fans across the field to the Twenhofel staff. I, as well as all of our parents, applaud the class shown by our coaches. They honestly have the best interest at heart for our boys. You asked for it---that's our side.
  10. I personally know Phil Russell. Such a great guy. I wish him the best!
  11. Congratulations to Coach Marksberry and Brenan!
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