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  1. Dennis Johnson and Julius Yeast were also pretty solid on the hardwood. Harrodsburg won the 12th Region one of the years they were there.
  2. There was another player from Harrodsburg that went to Ohio State and eventually transferred back to EKU. The name Yeast doesn't ring a bell but maybe my bell has been rung one too many times to remember.
  3. My first thought was “that’s the wrong shade of purple, by a lot”. Still an awesome field though.
  4. Large 4-way (beans) with a Mt dew. I know it's not $12 but that will fill me up. As far as the Is It Chili question. I kind of agree that it's not what I think of as chili but then again I come to eat it not classify it so I don't really care if some people argue that it isn't chili. Call it whatever you want, I'm eating!
  5. Can't believe they went with gold endzones instead of purple. That would have been really sweet.
  6. Also a really good hoops player. shot 55%, 40+ % on three's and 87% ft's. Scored 20 a game as a sophomore.
  7. isn't it required to post the job. I don't think you can just hand it over to someone without going through the process even if you know who is going to be hired from the get go
  8. Where is Somerset's indoor practice facility?
  9. On the line score at the bottom of the sheet I think the 4th and 5th overtime scores are combined. No way was there that much scoring in any of the overtime periods
  10. Pulaski moves on to play Danville. KJ Combs had big game again for PC. Hit two threes in fourth quarter to help extend lead from 6 points to 22 point final margin.
  11. From what I've heard at work this am Southwestern hit a three to tie the game but them fouled Mccreary in backcourt with less than a second left to send them to the free throw line for the game winning free throws.
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