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  1. Does anyone know who was hired at Newport and Bishop Brossart? They are no longer listed under the open jobs on KHSAA.
  2. Tommy should be praised for leaving them at a steak joint, the last coach left them in a shed. What seems shady to me is that this comes out not even a week after he leaves. A little smear campaign going on to make themselves feel better.
  3. If this is talked about what are his salary requirements for that position? I would have to think that with his experience he wouldnt come cheap, and I don't know of UC could afford Petrino as OC. It would be nice to have him on the sidelines but I think this is completely out of the question. They said they wanted guys who want to be here and I think Petrino would split rather quickly to get a HC job. I know he has character issues but someone will give him the opportunity.
  4. Trent Steelman lives up to best of Army-Navy game, even in defeat - The Washington Post What a young man. Extremely tough way to lose the last game of your playing career, but I have a pretty good feeling he will be successful in whatever he does. Great role model and leader.
  5. I guess you have to start somewhere. lol. I guess the question is: Would you rather be a coaching birth place like UC or a coaching graveyard like UK? That's a no brainer but I would still like to see someone who wants to stay and turn it into something more.
  6. It's about consistency. Yes they get quality coaches to pick up where they left off but to continue building the program and ultimately build a brand I think you need someone that will be here for more than 3 years. It's good right now but in the long run it isn't great. I'm not upset at the current state there in because UC is relevant but the turnover for coaching here hurts the fan base, IMO. It's hard for some convenient fans to become committed fans when there is a new coach every 3rd year. Brian Kelly was getting fan support and bounced butch came in and had a bad first year in some eyes and that hurt attendance. I'm not saying I agree with the logic of the fans because you get behind the team not the coach but fans don't like the uncertainty.
  7. Wow! This would be big for them but it appears like it will be another 3 n Out if that. He wants out of Tech bad, and wanted an SEC job. So as a UC fan I'm excited, but I wouldn't get my hopes up for retaining this guy for a long period.
  8. I agree. I don't know what's worse for the players, someone who lies to you about another job or someone who openly talks to every school that calls. He couldn't get out fast enough. I hope they can find someone that wants to lead this program to the next level. I know Strong got a nice pay raise from UL but it makes you respect him a little more for his loyalty.
  9. Maybe it's to tell his team he won coach of the year in BE, or that his price tag just went up and he's bouncing. Butch Jones is CBSSports.com's Big East Coach of the Year - CBSSports.com
  10. I don't know if they did or not but why would a source say he accepted the job and then the next day it falls apart. Something just doesn't seem right in the situation. I would hope that CU is more professional about things but in desperate times people do desperate things.
  11. IMO, Colorado is not a good job. I agree about the PR. If you have to think about it for 4 days, you don't really want to be there. His thought process was probably, 'I don't want to go to Colorado, but 15 million is a lot of guaranteed money.' I agree that Colorado is a bad place to be right now. I think the problem with the whole thing isn't that he took 4 days but that he said he would have an answer Tuesday and that it wasn't going to drag out. I understand why he had to think about it though UC needs upgrades, the money, but also conference alignment. Not knowing where you'll be in the big scheme of things is tough to stay behind. UC should have gave him the counter and let him have time to think about it. Putting him in front of cameras 2 days in a row made this thing an absolute mess. I hope he did turn it down to stay here for at least another year but I hope for the players sake they don't have to continue to go through this every 3 or 4 years. I think what has happened at UC with coaches and the fact they still are relevant speaks volumes for the athletes we have here.
  12. Ok so the conspiracy theorist in me says Colorado was getting impatient and leaked the story on purpose. In all seriousness, I like Butch, I think he has done good job coaching but he needs to work on his PR. This thing has been a nightmare for everyone involved.
  13. from Mo Brett farve thinks Butch Jones is indecisive. Lol
  14. Mo egger RT @dopplertim Butch denies he is taking job at Colorado.. Our zach wells just off the phone with butch jones.
  15. Press conference is over and he deflected the questions on if he were staying or going obviously. He was asked if intends to coach the bowl, and said I have every intention, but that's not why we're here.
  16. WCPO tweeted no decision yet, and ESPN is runnin a strory from 9 News that President Ono is meeting with Coach Jones before the press conference. I am surprised that his decision hasn't leaked somehow.
  17. NCAAF Ranking Big East football facilities - ESPN They're 7th in the Big East ahead of temple in terms of facilities. There bubble is nice but everything else is not as great. It also said in the link posted already that one of Coach Jones' frustration was the inability to renovate the current facilities. Nippert holds 35,100 people and is surrounded by buildings so there isn't much room for expansion. I don't know how or if they could put in 10k more seats. PBS is always an option if Mike Brown allows it. Not sure that will happen on a regular basis though. I don't know what CU holds but I'm sure it's more than Nippert, and they're talking about upgrades there for him too. Nippert is a great place to watch a game but in terms of big time college football it doesn't have the capacity.
  18. Right now I think he's making around 1.6 plus incentives. In 2017 I believe it's 2.05 but I'm not sure what they're offering with his extension salary wise. I hope he feels they're not enticing as well, but CU can offer more money I'm sure. I don't know there stadium situation but it probably isn't as restrictive as Nippert. I know some have said its career suicide but as a competitor you always feel like you could be the guy.
  19. I think Purdue is out. 4 hours isn't a real long time. I would expect him to be there much longer if that were the place he were leaving for. I hope he stays at UC at least another year for selfish reasons but I'm thinking CU is it.
  20. I won't and can't dispute that they will not get the same overall recruits that FSU does, however they could get one or two of those recruits based on his credentials. UK will more than likely never get the recruits that the top teams do but if they get someone with the ability to recruit top talent they can at least get a few good prospects to be more competitive.
  21. There defense is top 10 almost every year. It would be a huge upgrade to what Uk had. Why'd they give up 37 points to UF, field positions and turnovers from the offense. The d kept them in that game all night and got worn down from being on the field the whole game. But you're probably right UK can do better than a top d coordinator, it's a super attractive job.
  22. Ok, I didn't know if that was decision based off of that or not, and I must have missed that post. Thanks for the info.
  23. How have the suspensions affected BWs playoff run? I know that during the playoffs they threw in the freshman QB, was that because of the suspensions or just good self-evaluation? It appears that with this move and their health it has come together nicely for the Tigers. Can someone with knowledge please explain.
  24. I was just talking about this after watching the UC game where they had 4th and very short. They started under center call a time out and line up in shotgun to get stuffed. I enjoy watching the spread being ran but when it comes to 4th and less than a yard logic tells me to pound the ball. In UCs case either pound it for 3 inches or kick for points because the shotgun formation seems to take momentum away from the RB. At least under center the RB is moving forward receiving the hand off rather than taking it at basically a dead stop.
  25. I think he has handled this very professionally and efficiently. Most of us have drank during high school or underage, I'm not saying it's right but it does happen. These kids have received their punishment and I'm sure they will learn from it. Coach Rash will have the ones that are eligible ready to play and the ones who aren't... Well hopefully they're lucky enough to get another chance the following week.
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