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  1. Wow, if you missed it, well...you missed it! Taylor Gover proved tonight why he's rated the best player in the 12th Region. Can't wait for the rematch!
  2. Somerset's Cam Cheuvront with 19 points. Pulaski County's Taylor Gover leads all scorers with 22 points.
  3. Somerset scores quick, Lange to Wilson, TD pass...Herd with extra point. 14-14
  4. Both teams started out strong. Then the flags came out a I really think it's affecting everyone. Players, fans and the clock keeper. Flags are at least 2-1against Somerset. Too many turnovers for both teams in the first half.
  5. Trying to be nice here!! Holy Cross 14-7, 5:00 left in first half.
  6. Jumpers made a nice drive down to the 6 yard line...twice the play was stopped because the clock keeper started the time before play started. Then on top of that, twice more times, they had to reset the clock (wrong) and both teams just stood there. Once play finally started, turnover.
  7. I don't complain about officials normally, but this is really bad!!
  8. More interesting, that is!! Lots of yellow flags being thrown tonight. Wow, let 'em play!!
  9. Great game, but the clock keeper is making it more interested. They completley killed the Jumpers on their last drive.
  10. I don't know how you can compare these teams to one another, last years starters were lucky to play a full half. Most of the games resulted in the JV and freshmen teams taking over in the 3rd quarter. It's probably safe to say that every record would have falling if the starters had played.
  11. Whitley Co. 27 Somerset 21 :06 seconds left in the game
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