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  1. I don’t understand why any Kentucky fan can say that UK will get beat that bad on their own turf maybe if we were playing in Gainesville i could see it but at commonwealth it's going to be wild and loud, I know Tebow is good but he can't do it all by himself. This is going to be a defensive game who ever forces the most turnovers wins the game whether its Kentucky by a little or Florida, the experts aren’t always right!
  2. 5 Miami 3 California 3 Texas Tech 1 Georgia Tech 1 Florida State 1 North Carolina State 1 Wake Forest 1 Eastern Kentucky 1 Purdue 1 Temple Tiebreaker 58
  3. Florida was expected by many to kill Tennessee, You remember what happen last time a number one came to commonwealth. We might not win but i think it will be one of the closest most exciting ky florida in a long time. KY- 24 UF- 27 OT
  4. Cats break records all day! UK-67 UL-10 REMEMBER THIS?
  5. 5 Virginia Tech 3 Kentucky 3 Western Kentucky 1 Cincinnati 1 Baylor 1 Utah 1 Clemson 1 Mississippi State 1 Massachusetts 1 Albany TB: 41 pts.
  6. 1. Kentucky 2. Kentucky 3. Kentucky 4. Kentucky 5. Passing--Hartline to Locke Tiebreaker :37
  7. Is that Johnny Flynn from Syracuse or is that Eric Bledsoe
  8. Heard from a pretty reliable source that a boy from Kansas City, MO registered at South Laurel High School and he is being highly recruited by Duke.....Anyone know if there is any truth behind this?
  9. i think uniforms are a big deal to recruits today....Ecspecially big-time guys like Wall, Favors, and Cousins!! Calipari said it his self that he is going to let the players have a say so in te uniforms because he knows eye appeal is a big part of today's recruiting.....You the man Cal get crazy with it!
  10. Those look like one of the old templates i think Cal will get something completely different and new, those kind of resemble Michigan States (which is a nike team too).....I want to see black i loved last years black unis!!!
  11. Woody, Rakestraw, Martin fro SL Greer from Bell Co. and lots others 13th wasn't as strong as others but they proved thereselves with a fun competitive regional tourney and a sweep in the sectionals!!!!
  12. What did woody do at the plate? He is the senior catcher from South Laurel! Do you have any info on the Junior All-Star game?
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