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  1. What teams will be playin in the state tournament?
  2. My guess would be the starter gets the win the relief gets a save.
  3. Why is West Jessamine rated so high? Danville beat them twice last year doesn't lose any pitching and only 2 graduated. Man I just don't get it!
  4. I'm beginning to think you write for the Danville paper. They don't respect Danville either.
  5. Can anyone give me a street name or directions to the Georgtown College field?
  6. I'm afraid Mercer fell into the "I think we can throw off and save our pitching for later" trap, later just happens to be next march.
  7. Mike Evans gets the win for Danville.
  8. 45th Boyle v. Lincoln Danville v. Garrard
  9. Duran Elmore from Danville tossed a no hitter last night beating Boyle Co. 2-0.
  10. http://www.allaclassic.org/Baseball/Baseball%20Homepage.htm
  11. Talk about no respect. Danville loses in the region by one to the region champs last year, graduates one (pitcher only) and started an 8th grader and a freshman, which means they have everyone back and only gets ranked 59th. Must be a good year for Kentucky baseball!
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