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  1. These young ladies have already lived with "get so and so the ball (insert coaches child's name) so they can score, get them the ball because a scout is here and they need more touches, etc. They don't have any reason based on what they have already experienced with the trio of dad coaches on the bench that things will be better with Schwartz. I'm not questioning his passion. I do wonder how many high school coaching positions he has even shown any interest in prior to this opening? If he has applied for others then I admit I am incorrect and he just really wants to coach high school girls. If not, then I have to think there is more to the story. I think everyone agrees the majority of parents think their little Johnny or Suzie has more talent than they probably do. That doesn't change just because a parent puts on a coaching shirt.
  2. Yes - no reason for me to exaggerate. After the debacle Ryle has experienced with this situation in several (football, boys basketball, girls basketball, and softball to name a few) sports programs they would be wise to change courses on parent head coaches, assistant coaches, quarterback coaches, etc. I fully agree it is time for this program and the others to elevate. Why not spend the time searching for the most qualified, experienced candidate instead of just selecting a dad who suddenly became interested in coaching in the program and high school coaching in general when his daughter or son entered high school?
  3. Interesting....many current players said on the surveys given to them..NO MORE PARENT COACHES! Certainly the administration at Ryle has seen the many, many problems this has the potential to cause. As it stands, there is no reason to think this coach will be any different.
  4. PLEASE.....no more Mommy or Daddy coaches at Ryle! It seems like they made a good hire for the boys coach, hopefully it's a new trend out in Union.
  5. Nice win for Cooper. This district is up for grabs.
  6. The problems with this program have been building for years - anyone who has watched the dynamic between the coach and his son have seen it coming. It's sad for the players on that team that have been caught in the crossfire. It's equally apalling that the administration at Ryle has let it happen.
  7. The P.A. guy last night had to be exhausted and dizzy after announcing all the substitutions Ryle had - ridiculous! Not to discredit a very good Holmes team, but Ryle's coach gave his team zero chance to win or for that matter even compete in that game.
  8. Ryle is in a funk. This will not change until a long overdue coaching change is made. His coaching performance this year has been an embarrassment for all involved.
  9. Congratulations to Ryle on having an outstanding season. Many had this team written off before the season began. NCC came out on top last night, but Ryle has nothing to hang their heads about. This team came together and far exceeded the expectations of many.
  10. Excellent effort by both teams. Great win for the Raiders. Looking forward to an interesting Regional Tournament.
  11. Congratulations to Boone - they were the better team last night. However....Boone's player gave as good as she got up and down the floor. Ryle got the foul calls, she got the no call.
  12. Glad that both teams stuck with the same Freshman they have playing with all year. There would be no need to add that factor in to what appears to be shaping up to be the future big county rivalry. Cooper and Ryle freshman split this year with each winning one game - I expect this to be a battle each time they meet in the years to come.
  13. 2 pts for Doss? Seems like a problem. Why isn't he automatic underneath?
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