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  1. Legal. Player never started dribble. It would be just like throwing the ball out in front of you before dribbling.
  2. One of the best book series IMO is the han solo trilogy. First book starts with him as a boy and ends with the cantina scene in episode 4. Worth it to read about how Han became the man he weas in the movies.
  3. How can the basket count if an offensive foul is reported? I would think it would be no basketball and AP since no team had control and both fouls were called.
  4. Doesn't make it right. Tough lesson but those are usually the ones you learn the most from...
  5. Great game. Physical game but fouls were called pretty evenly.
  6. Saw on twitter that tickets were ten dollars and it was open to public.
  7. Starts at 4pm. Playing a team out of state is th word on the street.
  8. Not sure if they got right guy but I agree they handled it correctly. I was sitting court side and did not notice the bonus issue until referees did. Announcers should have hit buzzer. It was pretty loud in there with cov caths fans.
  9. Very good game. Both teams played their hearts out. Enjoyed watching it.
  10. There are going to be some familiar faces returning as well.....
  11. DARTH VADER----enough said. No picture needed. His image is burned within our brains.
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