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  1. 2011 will be a tuff year for East Jessamine. They lost 17 seniors. They are going to need a lot of players to step up and help Cameron Thomas out. He had an outstanding year as a junior but i don't look for those stats to repeat themselves his senior year.
  2. East does have a new hammer. They took it to the North Oldham and Franklin County games. I am sure they will bring Friday night. I expect this to be a close one. They have change up a few key players and they are very confident they can win this one. They are big, fast, and they will run it down the rebels throat as they have everyone else all year. Did you hear their running backs had over 600 yards last Friday? They are ready!!
  3. wj has a good quarterback. He will throw or run at any point. He is really tall. Their line is small. They had a better team last year. Holmes by 4 td's !!!!
  4. East Jessamine's sledge hammer was stolen by Boyle Co player not confiscated by anyone. They do not take the "hammer" to the goal post. It is given to the player who had the hardest hit last game. That player taps the goal post for luck. They have done it every game this year and will continue to do it. Boyle Co has a nice facility but when EJHS went up 13-7 and the Friday night flights helicopter showed up the score board magically blew a fuse..... Guess they didn't want anyone to see EJ was good enought to have the 'champs' down by a TD! AND it is amazing to this day the ref who called the personal foul, the one with the white hat who was 20 yrds off the ball, has yet to give EJ's coach an expination for the call. The ball hadn't been snapped so it that would have to mean there was smack going on and there is no way he could have heard anything with the crowd as loud as it was right then! Definetly some home cooking by refs. How unfortunate to have to cheat to beat a team. See you guys in 3 weeks with our hammer in tow.
  5. West is a very cocky team. They have barely beaten teams who had any talent and stomped team who had no talent. That does NOT make you a great team. I think Boyle will be running the clock at the begining of the 3rd quarter. Go Rebels...
  6. there were many bad calls or "miscalls' by the refs this game. When East played Lincoln co the same thing happend and LC was given a 15 yr penalty on the kick off. There was a horrible call made when the West quarter back was hit for a 4 yrd loss and #2 Austin Hager came up with the ball only to have it call a 1 yrd gain for West. To bad they refs won't let the game be decided on the field. East beat West up and down all over the field only to have the refs decide the score. How unfortunate.
  7. I'll take East Jessamine for this game. The team is healthy and ready to turn this program around. Their Jr class went went 33-1 in middle school. They have heart and determination and the coach is looking to them to lead the team. They have a young quarterback but he has done a great job so far. Austin Hager was mvp at the Death Valley Bowl last Friday and hasn't been stopped this year. Carmeron Thomas is a sophmore with little experience but given the ball can make big plays. Seth Hunt is also a sophmore who comes up with big plays. Expecting big things from East this year even though they are in a district with Boyle Co and Lex Catholic.
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