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  1. Don't know anything about the situation but I do know SW has run off two good coaches and two good men in Wright and Tim Rice. Sounds like a tough place to work.
  2. Been posted since March 17 so they haven't rushed in to anything.
  3. By reading ky playmaker's posts I thought everybody loved him in London?
  4. Why not do away with district and regional tournaments and have bids? Geez...
  5. He certainly didn't last long at Casey.
  6. Gotta love the "take the test and pick up a whistle" posts on here. Most of us don't WANT to. These guys have CHOSEN to do this.
  7. The game is filled with bigger and faster athletes, but the officials are getting fatter. Has anyone seen the guys from the 15th? And with a 3 man crew I love the "it's out of my area" excuse.
  8. Saw the girls games last night. The 15th region guys (2 of the three) were woefully out of shape. I'm talking 275 lbs or more with enormous bellies.
  9. I think every team in the 16th is "middle of the pack". Lewis beat East, who beat Morgan, who was considered one of the favorites. Lewis has a lot of pieces, with size and experienced guards. West beat East and Morgan. The only argument for a favoritet right now belongs to Elliott or West.
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