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  1. X 33 - HC 7 at the half. Des Ritter leading an X offense that has 305 yards at half
  2. Point well taken! A "cocky" X-grad would never Google cockyness. They would know that the noun for cocky is "Cockiness". End of story!!
  3. St. X very impressive up 25-0 at half. Final score came with Houk TD pass of 16 yards with 15 seconds left. Two minute drill executed well covered 73 yards. Houk looking sharper than I've seen him all year. Defense throttling Manual.
  4. It was total team effort by the Rockets. Shots on goal lopsided in their favor. As said before Assumption speed dictated the game.
  5. I listened to John Spears and Tony on their radio broadcast. They were mystified as to why with about 45 seconds left in the first half when the St. X receiver went out of bounds inside the 10 yard line why did the refs not stop the clock. They even commented following the play that by going out of bounds that would save X a timeout. But the refs did not stop the clock. Can anyone clarify this?
  6. Game delayed now under heat index prior to start of second half.
  7. Why has no one picked Auburn? They were 13 seconds away from a National Championship last year. Their schedule is toughest in the country, but until someone stops Malzahn's offense Im picking them. Other three are: Oregon LSU Florida State
  8. Dreams are indeed free! Last year I was in the press box at BG when X led 23-13. The Purple staff in the box were very impressed with the X team and kindly asked that X not score 45 points on them. They had not given up 20+ points to anyone during their 17 game winning streak at the time. Little did anyone know that X QB Austin Gahafer was hurt on the last play of the half. The game totally changed as X kept going 3 and out for most of the second half. I don't think that will happen this year with the offensive firepower that X possesses. This X team is much better than last year's squad. Both teams will score points. Hayes and Fant of BG are legitimate stars. I think X does score 40 plus tonight and wins 41- 31. The ST. X size on both sides of the ball need to control the outcome. Hope my dream comes true!
  9. I guesss Charle Walker will be playing a lot of defense tomorrow night. How is Treyveon? If he plays that will help the offense and let Walker play more defense especially with Fant coming to town.
  10. Scheduling difficults ooponents sure has worked for Coach Scroggins at Central. Can't argue with the results.
  11. Last year when BG played X, BG had not given up 20 points to anyone during their winning streak. St. X led 23 - 13 at halftime. This X fan has been impressed with BG dating back to their games against X in the Rafferty's Bowl. The past couple of years players such as Scooter Hollis and Nacarius Fant have been as good as any opponents' players X has faced. The X staff and fans have been extremely impressed with the caliber of teams fielded by BG. When you get down to it, isn't the respect from a quality opponent as important as any polling system? What takes place on the field outweighs any poll. Hats off to the winning streak BG has compiled and the entire state looks forward to next Friday's clash with X.
  12. You're Welcome. Really good topic you started! Beats the heck out of "homers" saying their team will win by 30 points every week when they really haven't seen a lot of other Kentucky teams or national teams for that matter.
  13. Guru, thanks for a thread that is thought provoking and not totally based on team prejudices and suppositions. One indicator of Bowling Green's strength will be their showing against X next weekend. I have seen every X game for the past 22 years and this X team passes the "eye test" as well as any X team since the early '90's. Their physical strength and size matches up with the really good Ohio teams we have faced in past several years. If the Purples can put it to X this year they are deserving of some National Recognition. Where they are ranked, or should be ranked, is anyone's guess. I too watched a lot of high school football on ESPN last weekend and saw several teams that would be difficult for most KY teams to beat.
  14. Over the years many Jefferson County schools have played their games on Thursday night before the X/T game on Friday. Many students from the public schools atttend the game.
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