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  1. Great academic institution, close to home/family and opportunity to play early. Makes sense to me. That said, he has not signed a LOI yet, so, let's see.
  2. Wow! Getting a lot out of this thread. On another note, Ohio State is losing 7-3 to Indiana at the start of the 2nd quarter.
  3. Just found this...Says they are broadcasting PRP v HHS tonight. Home
  4. Very well. His major is applied economics and management. Here is a link to the division 1 all-american team http://www.cosida.com/documents/2016/12/1//2016_D1_AAA_Football.pdf?id=2127
  5. Thanks JOAT and Clyde! Seth was pretty excited just to make the All Academican District team. Didn't actually think he would make the actual All-American Team. He was especially excited to see some of the other names on the team....Christian McCaffrey (Stanford), Sam Hubbard (Ohio State), Drue Tranquill (Notre Dame) among all the others, etc. Pretty cool! JOAT- Your boy had a nice freshman season! Congrats to you/him as well!!
  6. Awesome!! Not surprising though. Very talented! Best of luck to him....Enjoy the ride JOAT!!
  7. I could be wrong, but appears to me that Hergott is throwing the ball from the "slot", side armed. This will make the ball rise resulting in him missing his targets. Some short, mid-level patterns might be a good option as well. Everything seems to be a screen or home run. He is staring down his receivers as well. Needs to look off the defense more often. My opinion, and my opinion only, is that he has some mechanical work to do. Hergott is the QB. He should remain the QB. He is a raw talent that needs some work. Measurables are there. Needs to refine his skills. Will improve at the next level, with proper coaching, for sure.
  8. I suppose- If packing it in on D (pretty much a minimum of 6 back the entire match, even when no pressure), subbing on pretty much every stoppage to disrupt flow, not attempting to mount an offensive attack is getting them ready then, yep, you got that right. Terrible game to watch. Sacred Heart pretty much played keep away the entire match. Coaching staff played it safe. Would have gotten ugly had HHS extended.
  9. Gotcha. Thanks for pointing that out. No need to take shots. Absent? No. I no longer have a son on the team. Actually been a couple of years now....I do try to keep up on the team. I stand by my statement however. I do not recall any HHS fan making derogatory comments about Pulaski. I believe Pulaski has a very realistic shot at the title this year. A little luck, stay away from injuries, get better on defense and who knows. Good luck though.
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