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  1. Shouldn't be in a position to let a stupid call decide a regional game.
  2. Why doesn't NDA's new field meet regional reqs?
  3. Goal with about 8:00 left in the 2nd half by Claudia Hils.
  4. Took a long weather delay with 26 minutes left in the game. Goals by Sydney Ossege and Ali Gessner.
  5. Congrats to Taylor! The pics tell the story!! Amazing!!!
  6. It was 2-0 St. Henry at half. HHS came out and tied it up. Then there was a PK for St. Henry to put them up 3-2. Highlands got a chance at a PK and to tie the score and missed. Good game.
  7. The Highlands girls soccer season is over. Now would be the time to schedule a meeting with the coach if you are so unhappy. Give him a chance to hear you. Don't post on here, hiding behind a screen name and bad mouth your kid's coach. What happened to teaching kids to respect adults regardless of playing time or his personal choices. YOUR kids hear you! No other school gets on here and bad mouths their coach. Do something about it. Be respectful and honest and give him a chance. NDA played awesome. Best of luck to them. Don't take this away from them and make it into something about Highlands.
  8. This made me laugh. Thanks for writing this. My work day was getting so boring! I appreciate the sense of humor. Good luck tonight to both teams. Let's cheer for the girls and be positive! Pray for no injuries!
  9. OSD, I believe that Notre Dame plays Highlands and Ryle will play New Cath. Or were you assuming that ND and Ryle would both win and meet in the Regional final?
  10. I was at the HHS vs. Dayton game. Didn't see anyone crying. The HHS coach took his team and talked to the Dayton team and coaches saying that they never gave up, they never quit. He talked about how admirable it was that they showed up to play. Then, the HHS coach and players joined the Dayton team for a huddle celebrating their season. He said that any team he knew would have given up at halftime bein down 9-0. But they came out the second half with new energy. He said he and his team learned from them about never giving up. This is. The HHS coach that I know.
  11. Everyone is missing the point. The game was at ND, right? And the prayer was said over the PA an te CC stood silently and respectfully while the ND girls yelled and screamed and were in a huddle? Is that what is being said?
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