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  1. I have been to very Lawrence County practice this year, they have around 50-60 to kids right now. They are attending football camp at KCU in Grayson, Ky. They have some really good returning talent on the team, including power running back Shane Pack, and some big lineman. Their qb is still learning, he is only a sophomore,but is a big boy, stand around 6-4 and has a big arm. I know they will surprise alot of teams this year, just the energy and focus you can tell is already there. Coach Salmons is a class act, and is doing a excellent job. They also have a kid that came here from Nitro, Wv and is very fast. They also have some kids that came over from Tolsia, Wv.Look out for a couple of kids this year, Tyler Combs a big sophomore lineman just a hoss. Another one is Josh Spillman.
  2. Congratulations to Owensboro, solid pitching and defense the entire game. This was a very hard fought game between two really good teams.Chandler Shepeherd piched a very good game only giving up 2 runs on a homerun in the 5th inning. The pitcher Bush for Owensboro pitched a excellent game, Lawrence County was caught watching the ball alot. Good game I'm sure we will see Lawrence back in the state again.
  3. I am going to say Lawrence County will win this one because of their pitcher Chandler Shepherd, whenever he pitches and especially lately he is lights out. He has to be one of the if not the best pitchers in the state. Dawgs win 6-2
  4. How does everyone thinks this game will turn out, who's going to win and why?
  5. Yeah it is being broadcasted on wsip radio online, it is now 7-0
  6. Lawrence County leads East Carter 6-0, with the bases still loaded and 1 out in the 4th inning.
  7. Yes I know they beat Lawrence early in the season, but this isn't the same Lawrence County team now as then, and i'm sure Lexington Catholic is better now then they were then also. If Lawrence County wins Semi-state 8 who do they play in the state tournament?
  8. I think Lawrence County has as good a chance to win it as anyone else, they are playing really well right now. Both of their pitchers are lights out right now, they haven't gave up a run in 4 straight games against Allen Central, Pikeville, Johnson Central, and East Carter last night. How come no one else is giving them a chance? Some people are saying Lexington Catholic and for good reason, but this Lawerence County team beat Lexington Catholic last year in the tournament 6-0. Can I please get some respect for Lawrence County, what do they have to do to be recognized?
  9. I listened to this game live on the radio, Shepherd pitched a great game, I think striking out 14 on his way to the visctory. He had a couple situations with runners on bases and only 1 out, and all those times came away with no runs across the board. This team didnt get all the bats going tonight, but they played small ball and beat a very good East Carter team. Good job Bulldogs, let's win Thursday.
  10. East Carter had runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out, and didn't come away with a run.
  11. I think this will be a good series, Lawrence should win the first game with Chandler Shepherd pitching, but watch the second game with Cody Moore pitching alot of people don't know about him, but he's an awesome pitcher and only a sophomore only.
  12. I totally agree with UKBLUE on this one, these teams weren't just a walk in the park, Pikeville and Johnson Central are both really tough teams and for Lawrence County to blank all 3 teams speaks volumes about their pitching staff, and the defense of the whole team. I think this team has alot of potential this year and the next two years, if I'm not mistaken they have 13 or 14 sophomores on the team, alot of teams will not want to play them if they keep this up. I believe coach Feltner is doing a heck of a job coming in and doing this his first year, Good Luck boys the whole town is behind you all the way, we believe in you and lets get it done!!!See you boys in Pikeville. Go Dawgs!!!Represent.
  13. This was a great team win for Lawrence County, it seems like they are clicking on all cylinders going into the state tournament. I can't wait to go watch them play Tuesday against East Carter, the stud Chandler Shepherd is pitching, should be a good game. Go Dawgs!!!!
  14. Does anyone have any stats or information from this game? I did hear Chandler Shepherd pitched for Lawrence, did he throw a complete game or what?
  15. What happened, who pitched for Lawrence County? Do they still go on. or are they done?
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