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  1. I would have to agree. Most completions, best completion percentage, 2nd in passing yards, most passing TD's as a Bengal His only knock is not winning any postseason games. But, there are only two QB's who have won post season games (Anderson and Esiason) 1. Kenny Anderson 2. Andy Dalton 3. Boomer Esiason 4. Carson Palmer
  2. I thought that was maybe a first night thing. However, same items not available 2nd night. The $5.00 cheeseburger was dry. Place is beautiful, concession lack.
  3. Score should read 47-38. That is what both Score books showed.
  4. Nothing is taking away that NCC won the game. I think the final score proves that. In fact, the fouls allowed Brossart to get back in the game. First half NCC was up double digits when only 13 fouls were called. Watching the 41 fouls called in second half was not what most people came to watch. Rather watch boys play basketball than officials stopping action and reporting fouls. With that said, both teams played hard with the players they had left. NCC made some big plays during OT that gave them the win. Good luck to both teams come district and regional time.
  5. NCC gave up double digit lead to trail by two late in game. Mullikin's basket at end of regulation ties game at 69 and sends to OT. NCC pulls out the win in OT outscoring Mustangs 7-4 in OT. There were big plays made by both teams. Mullikin leads NCC with 20 points. Howard 15 points had big loose ball recovery and basket in OT. Mueller 13 points had hugh stick back and one on missed FT by NCC in OT. Mustangs were lead by Ethan Eilerman with 25 points. Govan and Schirmer contributed 16 points each. Brossart shot 32 of 39 from line. I am sure there will be plenty of discussion about officials. 40 fouls and 1 bench technical in 2nd half alone. Both teams had players foul out and other with 4 fouls on them. Not what you want to watch but the boys on both teams played hard was an exciting game from a fans point of view.
  6. Calvary Christian played the better game tonight. Mason Rouch is a fun player to watch play. Congratulations on their victory they deserved it. The pass at the end of game was a bullet right to his teammate under the basket. Best of luck the rest of the season.
  7. Great hire for the program. Will miss Kevin on the sidelines of the boys program. Mr. Franzen has done an excellent job as AD. You hit the nail on the head that he is proving to make the right choices. I want to thank him for everything he has done for BBHS.
  8. I guess you did not vote in the poll or you are picking Brossart. Since 2010/11 season Brossart is 24-18 counting last nights game against Augusta in games after the All A. NCC - 4 losses Scott - 2 losses Mason Co - 3 losses Montgomery Co - 2 losses - Regional games Campbell Co - 4 losses - District games Harrison Co - 1 14/15 season Deming - 1 10/11 season Augusta - 1 15/16 season 12 losses to some really good big school programs along with four losses at the hands of excellent NCC teams and two losses to a couple of quality small school programs at the time. I do not see a problem
  9. Augusta 7-13-17-19-11 -67 BBHS 15-13-16-12-9 -65 Aug: Crawford 4-0-1/2-9, Tucker 3-0-0/0-6, Maddox 3-2-11/12-23, Shrader 0-4-2/2-14, Snapp 1-1-10/14 - 15 Team 11-7-24/30 - 67 BBHS Zai 1-1-0/0-5, Hackworth 01-0/0-3, Saunders 2-1-0/0-7, Roberts 2-1-0/0-7, Geiman 3-0-0/0-6, Crawford 7-0-1/2-15, Zink 9-1-1/2-22 Team 24-5-2/4 - 65
  10. Final Score 67-65, Brossart hit a three at the end of game for final score. Augusta was 24-30 from the line. Had 11 twos and 7 threes to go with their 24 FTs.
  11. Thanks for the information. You really know how to slow down a thread. I guess next post will be on or after April 22.
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