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  1. I think this may be the Warriors best chance for a win in a very long time. I know their strength of schedule is always weak, but undefeated has to be worth something.
  2. I'm with you Dude, not gonna give a score,but I'll take a Carroll in a mild upset.
  3. Glad to see one of the old local rivalry's still going on. I miss the days of the Henry, Carroll, Owen, Trimble County games.
  4. Should be a great game, from what little I know they're two opposite styles of play. I'm suprised there isn't a liitle more talk going on about it.
  5. I can't verify this, but I think most of the really good middle school teams are in county's that only have one middle school, versus county's that have two or three and then have all of their talent merge in High School.
  6. I havn't seen either team play but was really surprised by this score. WV must have come a long way fast as a program.
  7. The only commaon opponent they have is Bellvue, Carrollton should win this game if that is any indication.
  8. I don't see much difference in 43-0 and 41-0, I think way to much is made of running up the score, and almost always by the losing team. The only thing in my book that is uncalled for with a big lead is an on side kick.
  9. Team play is one of North's strongest points in my opinion, I bet they pull together pretty good.
  10. Congrats to North, must have been a great game to watch, hope Zach heals up quickly.
  11. I can't remember the numbers. I was fresh out of bootcamp and reading the news in a Chicago area newspaper, having been a friend and former teamate I was pretty proud of him.
  12. I can't remember the numbers, but I was fresh out of bootcamp and having been a friend of his and a team member the year before I was exited to see the news all the way up in Chicago.
  13. Henry County's Tim Harris led the nation in scoring that year.
  14. Any fan of Old School Football would most likely really enjoy this game. I personally would rather watch a system like North's than all the spread offenses in the world.
  15. It's just an assumption on my part that anyone is unhappy, I can't imagine happiness with 0-4, but I havn't heard form anyone directly on the matter. I imagine Shelby will be a little more speedy than us, but maybe we can rally for a mild upset.
  16. I didn't say they were complaining I said they weren't happy.
  17. I don't hate, I think as much of Coach Martin as anyone, and normaly this schedule would have been brutal, it just so happens that this year none of these teams have been very good and it can make the victor look a little better than they realy are. I would be lying if said I wasn't a little jealous though.
  18. The only problem I have with the coaching is staying in the same offense brought in by Engstrand. I never liked it even win we were having some success with it. The talent level is down, and up some for everyone around us. I didn't make the Bellvue game, but evidently the defence isn't playing very well either. I know the administration isn't happy with the results so far, but go back and check Engstrand's and Billy Martins first year and see what kind af records they had.
  19. I don't know what to expect in this one. Hope to see the Cats pull one off.
  20. If North wins this one I'll give them a little more credit. I know all the Mustang faithfull are very happy, I would be too, but they have beaten nobody yet. Unfortunatly my team has become one of the nobody's, at least so far this year.
  21. I wouldn't give north the crown yet. They have a very good well coached team but, the teams they've beaten have 2 wins between them. The beef in 4a will be much more challenging.
  22. I'll take HC in this one just for old time's sake. The schedule doesn't get any better for the Cats.
  23. Should be alot of yards racked up on the ground in this one.
  24. I think it's obvious that private schools have an advantage, a simple check of the number of state championships will prove that, but that is just part of the scheme of things, and I have no problem with it.
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