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  1. I do not have any official stats but I will be sure to see if I can get some stats for you.
  2. Best game I have seen from the Wildcats in a very long time. The press was incredible and was key to Gallatin's success tonight. Very impressed with the "run and gun" style that Gallatin got back into tonight. This team played very well against a Shawe team that looked pretty good the past two days. Defensive pressure and teamwork by the Wildcats is what pulled them to victory. Congrats to Gallatin County! Best of luck to both teams the rest of the season! :thumb:
  3. Carroll County let this one get away from them in the second half. They were playing St. Henry close, then the shots stopped falling for the Panthers. Tough loss for Carroll. I was disappointed to not see very many fans for the Panthers this morning, but I guess many had to work. Congrats to DC Craig on making the All Tournament team from Carroll County. Well deserved! Best of Luck to the Panthers as they travel south to the Sunshine State and St. Henry the rest of the year! :thumb:
  4. They lost to St. Henry by 12 I believe. They kept the game close the entire game but fell apart at the end.
  5. That is a very bold statement. I would say that Allen and Cable both helped out the Panthers last year. Allen was able to handle the ball very well and Cable was a decent defensive player (something the Panthers are lacking). Both were also able to put some points on the board. Its hard to say this team does not miss these 2 players being on the court for them as well as Hendrick.
  6. One heck of a game. Congratulations Coach Jones and Co.! :thumb:
  7. I enjoyed watching Trimble County play tonight. Trent Green is one heck of a player, as well as Justin Webb. The thing I loved most about Trimble County tonight is their unselfish play. The Raiders played as a team tonight and that is what it takes to win ball games. Great job Coach Lauster and Raiders! Best of luck against Shawe (Ind.) tomorrow! :thumb: As for Carroll County, they need to play as a team. It is very evident that they do not. #20 (DC Craig) played well tonight in my opinion as well as #11 (Andy Sisenstein). In the fourth quarter, Craig seemed to be the one that was hitting the shots but suddenly, he was not getting the ball anymore. In my days of playing basketball, you give the ball to the guy with the hot hand no matter who it was. Watching this game, you could tell that was not the case. Too many 3's were taken in this game by Carroll County. As I said in an earlier post, they cannot live and die by the 3 point shot. The Panthers really need to work on their defense as well. I did not see much defense being played at all tonight. I really hope the Panthers come together as one, play as one, and be a team. I hope to see a better outcome from tomorrows game! Best of Luck Panthers! :thumb:
  8. As soon as Carroll County stops trying to rely on one person, they will be a lot better. You cannot revolve an offense around one individual and expect to be successful in the long run. Carroll County does not have the type of talent to do this. There is talent on this team that is not being used. #20 battles down low every game but they continue to live and die by the 3 point shot. Gallatin County is one of the few teams Carroll County is actually bigger than and they failed to get the ball inside. Team ball is where it has to start for Carroll County. Best of luck to both teams the rest of the season! :thumb:
  9. Here we go again! A team starts out well and we have people blaming it on the schedules again! Everyone should have seen this one coming. I believe we owe a "Congratulations" to Carroll County for starting out 3-0 for the first time in a long time. Let me be one of the first in the thread to say Congrats to the Carroll County Panthers. As far as this little discussion goes, it doesnt matter who you play in your regular season, if you have a solid record, you have to be doing something right. Sounds to me as if some surrounding area teams are upset that Carroll County is back as contenders in the area. You have to give credit to Coach Weedman & Co. for starting to bring Carroll County back to high expectations. For the future, I believe that everyone should start looking at the positives rather than the negatives for teams starting their seasons well and for teams playing well throughout the season. Trust me, it will make High School football that much more fun to watch and it gives some much needed praise to the players that read this forum everyday!! Best of luck to all the teams this year! :thumb:
  10. And they still found a way to win in all three games. No excuses in this win, the better team won. Congrats to Carroll County for starting the season 3-0!:thumb:
  11. The Panthers will be just fine this coming season. Coach Weedman has Carroll Co. going in the right direction and has done a great job. Zach Wise returns for Carroll Co. and who could forget this past years District Player of the Year Andy Sisenstein. Carroll will build off of last years success and continue to grow. Best of Luck to Coach Weedman and the Panthers this coming season! :thumb:
  12. Congrats Coach Holland and Wildcats! Way to represent the 31st District :thumb:
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