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  1. I don't know much about these two teams coming into this year, only that Newport received a great coach from Dayton in Nick Rice. He will have them players playing with everything they have, and Newport really has a great guy and a passionate coach in Rice. As for the game, I can only go on what I have read and heard so my prediction is not that accurate, but anyways. Newport: 28 Bellevue: 14 Good luck to both
  2. Dayton looked very impressive against a talented CAL team in their second preseason game last week. The defense is very good and held CAL. CAL brought some very fast athletes as well as some big and physical lineman. If I am correct, Dayton lost the varsity game by 7 and gave up a touchdown on the opening kickoff and had 2 or 3 blocked punts. No excuses, but still shows they could of won the game. Good luck to both teams! Dayton 21 PC 10
  3. Dayton was extremely young last year and will be returning a lot of starters from a year ago. Its up the returning seniors as to how good they will be and how hard they have been working this off season.
  4. I know that. I was simply answering the question to the post I replied to as to why some people were picking NKy over Louisville.
  5. That is a very general and wrong statement to say. Coming from a small school most have never heard of, and not being very successful at the state level because of being in Beechwood's district, these kids go to work every Janurary four days a week for two and half hours a day in the weight room and speed drills. They work as hard as any other team in the state, and want it just as bad as any team in the state. That is a very wrong assumption to make.
  6. If you read the posts where people have picked NKy is because they state that they have "all around" better football. Louisville is top heavy in 6A, while NKy has it widely spread through 1A, 2A, 5A, and 6A.
  7. I agree the officiating was not the best I have seen. However, are you implying the game was not pretty much dominated by Dayton the entire time? IMO, Dayton should of won the game by much more than it was, and the two handed defense that Lloyd was playing was never called and let Lloyd right back into the game. I am not saying it was bad defense by Lloyd, if the officials aren’t going to call it, keep doing it because it worked, but the officials were not very good either way. Dayton is very solid this year, and play very well as a team. Excellent win for Dayton, who pretty much controlled the entire game, and Lloyd played very hard as well.
  8. I would like to see how the populations of these "areas" compare. The way I look at the 'best' football would be to put together an area all star team and play each other. No idea who would win, but I'm a little biased like most in this thread are so I give the nod to NKy (way better from top to bottom).
  9. See I knew I was forgetting something! I completely forgot about the field turf. And I guess now that you mention the very western part of the state Louisville does seem to be better. Thanks :thumb:
  10. I have a question.. I would consider Lexington to be the most 'central' large city in KY. What aren't the finals held there to lower travel times? Maybe there is something preventing this that I am not aware of, but it seems like a good idea to me...
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