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Notre Dame/ Highlands Update

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I can remember when Conner did this to Highlands in a girls regional final, not sure what the year was. I believe Walz was there as a player, the game was at Ryle. Conner's PG dribbled up the floor one time, just past midcourt, and stops. Holds the ball. Waits about 5 minutes, then dribbles again. The ref had forgotten she had picked her dribble up, and didn't call DD.


Edit.....It might not have been a final, I can't remember.

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Not there either but have heard it is 6-0 ND starting the 4th....What is Jaime Richey thinking ? Run the score up the other night on Bellevue and now stalling in a regional tourney game? - WOW......



Uuhhh I guess she is thinking that is the only way HHS can win. Sounds like a pretty good strategy. Oh and btw, 6-4 ND. Highlands on the come back. LOL!!!


Also heard form TFVH that if HHS made a couple easy baskets, that they would be winning. What a great game.

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