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Bracketology (3/7)


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I'd say UK at this point is at worst a 5 seed, that's even if they lose Friday, I say this bc other teams around their seed will suffer a loss this week. Each game they win this week is a probable increase in seed from a 5 seed, with a 3 seed being as high as I see them getting. If UK can make it to the championship game I'd say they're likely a 4 seed, win it and they may be lucky enough to get a 3 seed. Given the drop off from likely 1 seeds to likely 2 seeds, I think it would really benefit UK's tournament chances to get a 3 seed.


As for UC I was kind of surprised to see that as well, perhaps it will go up after the hurting they put on USF tonight, not that USF is a good team but they got their butts whooped tonight. I think UC should end up a 5 seed, but a good showing in their conference tournament will certainly help their cause.


This seems like one of the more exciting conference tournament weeks in a recent memories because there isn't any clear cut favorite in any of the power conferences with the exception of tOSU.


At this point, I'd have both UC and UK as 5 seeds, with the possibility of both moving up with a few more wins.


If UC makes it to the finals of the BEast tourney, that would give them a win over #4 Notre Dame (projected 2 seed) and another win over either Louisville (projected 4 seed) or Marquette. In that situation, they're at worst a 4 seed, and possible 3 seed.


UK is in the same boat. Make it to the finals, 4 seed...run the table, 3 seed.


I think UC any lower than a 6 seed, regardless of what happens tonight is a joke, IMO.

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6 Cincinnati

11 Colorado


Winner gets 3 San Diego St


I'll take that all day.




4 Kentucky

13 Harvard


Winner gets 5 Xavier or 12 Michigan St/12 Virginia Tech


Uk's potential sweet 16 game? None other than the #1 seed Notre Dame Irish.

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