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Notre Dame QB, Jones enrolls at N. Illinois


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Source: Irish quarterback Jones enrolls at Northern Illinois


Notre Dame quarterback Demetrius Jones has enrolled at Northern Illinois and intends to play there next season, according to a source familiar with the situation.


Jones started Notre Dame's season opener against Georgia Tech, but was pulled before the end of the first half and had not played since. He did not join Notre Dame on its road trip to Michigan this weekend.


Friday, Notre Dame coach Charlie Weis confirmed that Jones had decided not to make the team's bus trip to Michigan. "I have not spoken to Demetrius and can only say that he missed the team bus. Any additional comment would be without all the facts," Weis said in a statement.

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How can your starting QB up and enroll at another college without talking to the head coach? You'd think if you yanked the kid, maybe some sort of a conversation would have taken place at some time.


Apparently Weis has had some communication problems with his players. He didn't get along with Walker last year either. But you can't blame the QB, the job is Claussens for the next 4 years.

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Where's Demetrius Jones? Somewhere other than DeKalb


DEKALB -- Demetrius Jones and Northern Illinois coach Joe Novak finally talked -- on the phone -- but the former Notre Dame quarterback doesn't appear to be any closer to joining the program.


And contrary to published reports, Jones apparently isn't enrolled in classes here.


"The last I heard, he's not," Novak said Tuesday at his weekly press conference, adding.


"He has got a lot of things available to him."


To transfer directly from Notre Dame to NIU and be eligible to play in the fall of 2008, Jones would have to have been enrolled at Northern by the 12th day of classes for this year's fall semester to count toward the year he would have to sit out. That date has come and gone, although Jones was listed in the school's on-line student directory for a time but has since been removed.


He does have the option of enrolling in a school like Northwestern or Ohio State, which use the quarter system and haven't reached the 12th day of fall classes.

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