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2nd Call for Snow 1/6/22

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All of the models are in pretty good agreement. Also, the totals have indeed gone up since this morning.  The timing is a little different with each model but the snowfall totals are pretty close.

The NAM is from 7 am/6 central to 10 pm/9 central Thursday.



The RAP(Rapid Refresh) is another model that forecasts for North America. Each frame is one hour apart. The period it covers is from 6 am/ 5 central EST to 10 pm/9 Central EST Thursday



Then this is the RDPS Model. I will explain in-depth more about these models at a later time. The period it covers is 7 am/6 central EST to 1 am/12 central Friday morning.



Now for what they show for snow accumulations. First the NAM.











Now for my second call for snow accumulations


1-3" mainly north of the Ohio River. Also in Northern Kentucky

2-4" from about I-64 and the western Kentucky Parkway northward

5-8" south of the I-64 and western Kentucky Parkway line.




Now, these lines are not exact. They'll probably move some depending on the storm track. I'll post my last snow accumulation forecast in the morning. May come back later tonight if there are any major chances to the forecast. 

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As of now, I'm staying with my call from last night. I feel pretty good about it. I will post another update around mid-morning if there are any changes to the forecast. 

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I really didn't have to time to really go over the data but here is a quick look at what I think may happen. There are some  that now may get upwards to 10 inches.


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