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Chiefs 22 Browns 17 (AFC Semis)

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1 hour ago, futurecoach said:

Have to love the Chiefs and Andy Reid playing to win the game, and not being conservative like many coaches do in that situation. Wow! What a call!

I dunno... I can't say that I love the Chiefs.  For having no chance to win that game the Browns sure came close.  Got a bad break just before the half when the refs missed the penalty on the tackle that caused the ball to roll out the back of the end zone.  Seven points there and the score on the first drive of the 2nd half and there is a big momentum change.  I know... blah, blah, blah.  I am merely pointing out how close this game was.  They nearly made it to the AFC Championship.  

The Browns and Mayfield had a pretty fine season.  Neither were given much of a chance going into the season or early on.  I think the Browns players believe in themselves.  That's fun to watch for a fan.  

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Yeah, who would have thought that the game would come down to a 14-yard scramble by Chad Henne for the win?  Almost everybody imagined Mahommes putting up 50 points with the Browns out of it before halftime.  But this is football.  When I first saw the run by Henne, I thought there was a hold by KC #73, but looking at the replay of the run, I guess not even I can see it.  

A game doesn't get much closer than that.  A helmet to helmet call before the half erases 3 pts for KC and probably gives 7 to the Browns.  Someone reacting more quickly to the scramble and tackling Henne 5 or 6 yards short and... The defenders probably couldn't believe their eyes when they saw Henne running the ball.  lol.  

Looking at the whole season, the Browns have come a long way.  They stuck with the Super Bowl Champs all the way to the end, nearly advancing to the AFC Championship game.  

Perhaps the biggest beneficiaries of this game are the Buffalo Bills.  I am rooting for them, another franchise that is trying to get back to former glory.  

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