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Nicholas County 1 Berea 0 (Forfeit)

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It's no surprise that Berea has been struggling bad this season, scoring only 6 points so far but have gave up nearly 300 points. They also forfeited today's home game with Nicholas county, pushing their loss total to 0-6 this season but more importantly, the Berea Pirates are on a 30 game losing streak. Their last win came back in 2014 36-20 win over Lynn Camp. Another fact, Berea's head coach has yet to win a single game. Their closest loss was a 28-12 loss back in 2015 to Jackson County.


Berea is the only team in the KHSAA that's struggling this bad.


So my question is, what's going on down in Berea for them to be struggling so bad? Low on numbers? Maybe time for a head coaching change at season's end?


This is really really surprising for Berea to be struggling this badly when they excel in every other sport.

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This was one of two forfeits on the night. Fulton County backed out of its visit to Russellville last night, and I wonder if Fulton City won't simply tell the Panthers to stay home this week.


I'm thinking there will be a few first-round byes in the 1A playoffs this year.

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