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Length of Game Is Decreasing


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For the first time in a while the length of an average MLB game is down.


Cincinnati Reds, MLB picking up pace of play | FOX Sports


What caused the games to get longer?


I always claimed more commercials led to it. Probably something to that.


I found a state that says compared to 1988 an average game now has about 22 more pitches.


How long does a pitch take? Fangraphs said that in 2014 the average time between pitches was 23 seconds. 22 extra pitches would mean about 486 extra seconds which adds about 8 minutes.


Runs are going down so it's not extra offense that is adding to it.


The average MLB game now sees about 4 pitchers per team being used. That number is up from about a little under 3 per team in the late 80s. So that's two more pitching changes.


It all adds up.

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