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Pendleton Co 56 Montgomery Co 45

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Montgomery County played tough tonight, they will be a dangerous team in district, and region. By the way the officating was terrible tonight

What seed is Montgomery in the district do they play Clark first game. They give Clark problems every year in the district even when Clark has had the better team.

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Not 100% sure but I heard Montgomery was winning after 3 quarters.


PC was down at the half by 3 points 25-22. PC pulled out to an 8 point lead midway thru the 3rd. PC had a 14 point lead close to the 4 minute mark. This was a 17 point turn around. This was a typical MC game makes 38 passes (exaggerated)than looked for a shot. This works when you are ahead or the game is close. Once PC got the lead on MC the game was over. MC had to play Pc run and gun game. At that point of the game Rison picked up a technical. PC already had the momentum, and the tech only added to the fuel of the fire for PC. Rison later picked up his 2nd technical and had to leave the game. I don't no what the first one was for, but I know he was kneeling down and the Ref was standing right in front of him with his back to Rison when it was called. The 2nd tech which got him ejected was because he came out of his seat to protest a call which is automatic tech. Also one of MC fans was removed from the game as a request of the ref who gave Rison his 1st tech.

Someone made mention the officiating was bad. It was, but it was definitely in MCs favor because Elliot was beat to death all night. Tyler Mains did set the bench quit a bit with 2 fouls in the 1st quarter, and picked up his 4th in the 3rd quarter. I am not saying these were bad calls. I think I would have called them the same way. Just saying when he is on the bench PCs offense does not run as smooth. I think every PC fan would agree Tyler has to be in the game for PC to be successful.


The 1st half of this game was a defensive battle between both teams. The 2nd half was all PC. Not as close as some would like to think. As much as a 17 point turn around in the 2nd half, and finishing up with a 11 point win on MCs(with MCs style of half court offense) floor is a good win. MC has a very young team and could beat any team in the 10th on any given night. Look out for them next season. I really think the biggest difference in this game was MCs defense intensity went away in the 2nd half, and PCs defense held them to 21 points.

Congrat to the Wildcats on another good win.


Congrats to Tyler Mains on his 1000+ point carrier. This young man is special to the PC team, and in this fans heart. Keep up the hustle Tyler. There is probably not a player in the 10th who has been beat and hacked as much as this kid in the past 4 years. He just keeps on playing.


Go PC Wildcats

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