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  1. Did they get the transfer from Bryan Station Goldie?
  2. GRC Hoops I agree with you that was great game and it wasn't decided until the last play. Is the entire game with Grahm Johns play by play avilable anywhere?
  3. Ok. I think it was Davis I watched him and Jones play a couple of games in an AAU tournement in Indy this passed summer.Everyone there was impressed with both especially Jones.
  4. Golde what the other sophmore's name that played alot as a freshmen? I saw him in aau game with jones in Indy? He looked good as well he's a point guard.
  5. Who are some of the other players that will contribute this year and did tthey have any freshmen coming in that may contriiibute this year?
  6. What is going on at Clark Co ? They were always competative in the past.
  7. The 2017 listing has a Jerryd Jones at Mongomery County. I think it may be a mistake. Darius Jones graduated.
  8. Is Jones still at Clark? I saw a list with him back at Montgomery.
  9. Have there been any names even mentioned for this job?Why is it taking so long to name a new coach?
  10. Who did he live with while in Scott Co? His parents? That same question could be asked of kids coming into the county next to you Goldie lol.
  11. No one is mentioning the two future sophomores at Clark. I forget the point guard's name but I think Jones will have a breakout year next year especially if she adds a few inches over the summer.
  12. Has there been any names mentioned as a replacement and what type of talent does Clark have coming back?
  13. Congratulations GRC Lady Cardinals and good luck tomorrow!
  14. This should be a good game and I'm looking for 42 Clint Green to have another great game. This kid is a major talent and he has really shown it the last three games and it could not happen to a better person. This kid has been nothing but loyal. He has patientionly waited his turn to show what he could do.
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