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  1. Murray will have to play real well to get by Trigg and Caldwell, but I think they have the pieces to do so including coaching which they have not had. They are capable of making a playoff run. Once again I really like Ft. Campbell, they have about the best defensive players I have seen in a while in Carter and Durrante. They also have a great back in troy turner. Someone will have to step up at QB, and I am not sure about the o-line situation.
  2. I just wanted to say I have really enjoyed these. They are really in depth and thought out, and I just wanted to thank the "Scribe"!
  3. Murray will play Calloway, Trigg, Caldwell, and Owensboro Catholic. Those are good teams. I know Reidland, Ballard, and Fulton County are not that good. Calloway plays Muhlenburg North, Fulton County, and Crittenden I believe. I don't want to sound pro Murray, I just believe King is better and he will play linebacker this year a lot more this year. He had a lot of tackles last year including getting Willis several times. As far as big factors athlman I believe offensive line play will be huge. Which holds up better and is more consistant will be a big factor. Also defense, both defenses are about the same. They must be able to stop the run as well as the pass. Both squads have good running and passing games offensively. I expect this game to be in the high 30's or 40's.
  4. I'm surprised that the King kid is not getting that much attention I looked at his stats online and they nearly doubled Willis's numbers. What are your thoughts on King?
  5. If Calloway looks like they did last year they will not have better depth and numbers. The Lakers only had about 28 players on the team, Where Murray had around 50. Murray has plenty of depth. But I still think it will come down to the very end with the offensive balance of both teams and pretty solid defenses on both sides as well.
  6. This was an outstanding game last year, one of the best I have ever seen. Murray returns Sr. QB jordan Garland who put up some good numbers and has a lot of potential for a big year. They return outstanding skill players in Jamie King, Mikkol Alston, and Shikill Davis who have all improved. Two new big receiving targets Zach Buck and Kwame Duffy will up the passing attach along with Roman Kelly who missed the CCHS game last year. The Tiger offense will be a force to be reckoned with. New coach steve Duncan will play more players both ways and have Murray better conditioned this year which is the primary reason for the tigers loss last year. Calloway is very similar to Murray this year. They lost key lineman but makeup for it by having a good nucleus of skill players. Casey Brockman returns at QB who had a successful Junior season. Receivers George Garner, Chris Dobbins and C.J. Dial all return as good targets for Brockman. In the backfield they have Tyrell Willis and Jordan bumpus. Bumpus proved to be a pretty good back last year and will be relied on more this year. Willis holds a lot of question marks because he has missed the majority of the summer workouts due to on-going disciplinary problems. if he returns and stays out of trouble he can be a great player. With the game being broadcasted over a large area this year and an annual trophy being handed out will make this an even bigger event. I think it will be a lot like last year and come down to the fourth quarter and we will see who comes away with this one. Good luck to both teams, you will not want to miss this game!
  7. Fulton city could probably be on the hot list but with their big loss to the flash i witheld them from it.
  8. does that mean the states longest losing streak is over for Muhlenburg North? if they win off of a forfeit i dont think that should count. I bet the stars are doing some major celebration.lol
  9. I want to see fields and what he can do.
  10. 1- Haskins lone oak 2-Barnes caldwell 3-Lohaus fulton 4-McKeel calloway 5-Strum reidland
  11. Front runners- Bell county, Lex. Cath, Franklin County, Lone Oak.
  12. 7- Webster 5- Caldwell 3- McLean 2-Green 1-Hopkinsville TB- Green
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