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  1. Whitley will win this one, LCC is a one dimensional team in Charlie Banks who does it all. I don't think Whitley will have a problem containing him. But the kicker in this game is the Refs. Whitley 35 LCC 21
  2. This game isn't generatingas much interest as I thougth it would.
  3. Tigers seem to be playing defense, and they have a fairly descent Offense therefore Tigers 35 LCC 24
  4. Harlan County needs to be playing up in 5A where they belong even 4A. Then you may not be so solid.
  5. Must be some huge advertising $ coming from backers of Letcher Cent. What a slap in the face of Perry County Centrals kids. :flame: What a joke.:dancingpa
  6. 335+-...Most impressive was his ability to run.
  7. Somewhere around 1000 Give or take a hundred yards.
  8. Penalties - Not on Log Mountain, are you delusional no way would a visiting team suffer through a series of costly back-breaking flags.
  9. Clay County showed themselves to be a class act last night, The staff removed Mr. Lewis from the game along with the offensive starters as soon as the Mercy Clock began to run. THe first team D did play until the fourth Qtr. because thats where Clay needs the work This Staff isn't about breaking any records at the cost of humiliating a team, going through a tough season. Coach Arnett is about pride and class above everything.
  10. Final..Zach Lewis only played a couple minutes in the second half.
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