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  1. 4:29 to go in first 29 yd field goal (Josh Jenkins) HC-18 LCC-0
  2. HC-15 LCC-0 7:50 in the first Chitwood's second interception of the night.
  3. The Black Bears have a long bus ride. I hear practice has been going well this week. I'm ready to watch a good football game come Friday. Go Bears!
  4. Cawood is my Alma Mater and will always be special to me too, but come back and visit when this new facility is complete. Over the years there has been a lot of sacrifice by a lot of men who have worked very hard moving coal out of the mountains so that their youngins can have the things they need. All of them wanting more for their kids than what they had. I believe that when the Black Bears take the field on Friday night's at Coal Miner's Memorial Stadium that they will honor the men and women who have helped worked so hard to provide such a nice play go play and watch a football game in the mountains. We're all excited here! Anxious for this season to begin and hope we may be able to squeeze a game in on this new field this year.
  5. Thing looking good for the Black Bears this season. A lot of work still to do to reach their goals. Going to be an exciting season Future site of Coal Miner's Memorial Stadium Work beginning!!
  6. Congrats to the Black Bears on their district championsip!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!
  7. The boys have the will to win no matter what obstacles have been set before them. Couldn't be any prouder! Coach Larkey is doing what he set out to do when he came here. It's happening. Fun to watch things unfold here in Harlan County as each year progresses. The Black Bears are on a ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the heart of of seniors this year too. Good example for the young guys coming up.
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