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  1. Having played there many years ago I would have to agree with you on the state of things now. To have a winning program you must have support at every level, and in my opinion it is not there from the top. Being at a rival school I see a very big differnce from the admin. here and at Owen. It is sad to see a program go from the state semi finals when I was there to where it is today.
  2. KHSAA is not going to do anything to upset the gravy train. The private schools and the big money public schools can do what they want. We tried to use portable lights at our field 2 years ago and were told you can not do that, Covington Cath. wanted them this year and now its ok. No it is not fair but money talks and the rest of us can just live with it. If this were most other 1A schools we would be fined, banned from post season next year, and the players would be ineligieble to play.
  3. Nice win, wish I could have made it home in time to see.
  4. Great win for the Cats. Gallatin could start pressing and score at will. This one was never in question.
  5. Trimbles O managed one scoring drive in the fourth quarter, rest of the game they were shut out. Their other score came on a fumbled handoff. Gallatin had couple chances to score but just couldnt finish. If you like defence this was a game to see.
  6. Those solid wins as you call them where against Bracken Owen and Casey Co's Casey has 3 wins the other 2 have 1 each, the 2 games before were loses. You need to do your home work. I think Trimble is one of the better teams I have seen all year and cant wait till Friday night, but get your facts straight.
  7. Good points there are very few 5th graders who can play with 8th graders, and you are putting them at greater risk of injury.
  8. I think Henry, Trimble, and Carroll should join in with us, Gallatin, Walton V. Owen,Pentelton and Grant co's. We have very nice league with teams starting with 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, and 5th-6th grades and all 7th-8th graders play middle school. Grant has 2 teams in each age group, for total of 6 teams, Henry could probly have couple teams and one from Emenince, have 12 team league with north south divisions. We currently play home and away games.
  9. Great post, its time for some one to start making kids grow up and relize your actions have counter actions. Sounds like some parents need to relize this also. Yes, Gallatin has played some games short handed, and again some of that was due to selfish actions by induviduals, that effected the rest of the team. Welcome to the real world. We all make choices every day that affects the people around us and the sooner you learn this the better person you will be in the long run. If I were the head coach they would be making a choice between going on a trip or finishing the season.
  10. What happened with the middle school program this year, I had heard they did not finish the season.
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