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  1. Don't forget the fumble that Shadon Brown had, 2 yards deep in the endzone, after slamming the ball down over the goaline, that Neal Brown recovered. For sure a touchdown.
  2. I have seen the tape and it was blocked. Why else would the ball not go beyond the line of scrimmage and go directly to the right. You have the hardware so it doesn't matter.
  3. Morris definately got his foot in on the touchdown catch, so that was the right call. The roughing the kicker was the terrible call. BJ Strode got a hand on the ball therefore it wasn't roughing at all. But, it should not have came down to that.
  4. I can see your point about the banners etc... But, it comes down to taking care of business when in between the lines. When the ball is snapped the player is not thinking about how many state championships this team has. I think Danville actually plays better on the road. When you go on the road it seems to put you in focus.
  5. People talk about home field advantage and all that, but I think home field advantage is irrellevant. It's high school football, and there will not be 90,000 fans screaming. The only time there is an advantage to the home team is when the offense cannot make the calls at the line because of the noise. In high school football that is not an issue. The field will still be 100 yards long and 53 1/3 yards wide, and its still 10 yards for a first down. With all that said, Danville by 22.
  6. They just lined up and ran right at them. That just shows how much emotion plays a role in football. Two different teams from the first game to tonight. Its the little things.
  7. Hatz, they beat Manual the same year they beat Trinity with Brohm.
  8. That could be why they have more state titles then anyone in thier class also! Let's remember, Danville is the only school in the state that has won titles in 3 different classes. So, it aint the A ball. They wrecked shop in class AA, smashed hoptown to win AAA.
  9. What, when, where? Don't think I remember them running cover 0. Ever!
  10. To say that is complete sillyness. You may think they do, only because they win all the time. Do you know how many Div. 1 players he has had since coming to Danville? Five! Since 1988! Five! There are teams that have that in one year!
  11. Not sure about the public enrollement of boys with over a thousand. If there is any at all then I would be shocked. What do you mean there are no parameters? Then Coach so and so at Big Little Pond High is the best. He may not have any wins, but there are no parameters. It is my basis for my own criteria of how I break it down in my own mind. That is how I base a career of a coach. All i did was respond to your thread. You came out talking about Glaser and his 82% winning percentage. Fine, that was while he was at X. Harp at Danville is over 90% if you don't count his stops along the way! Count the number of titles then. The numbers don't lie. I go with Sammy Harp. I know it's my own opinion. This whole board is all opinions!
  12. I am not sure if there is one in the whole state that does have a public school with 1000 boys. There is not one in the top 10. Also, i think you must take into acount the other stops coaches have had along the way. Harp's record is not based solely on his success at Danville. If that were the case he would be close if not in the 90% range in winning percentage. Where else was Glaser before he was at X. Harp was at Calloway and Anderson. He led Anderson to the only undefeted team in school history in 1985. Was he ever at a public school that forced him to change his offensive and defensive systems based on the type of players he has. I know that if I am at X or Trinity I can stay pretty consistent with what I do, because there will be enough turnover year after year to have players that can run your system. For example, if I have a quarterback that can't throw then I better change it up if I am in a throwing system. In those larger private schools you will for the most part have guys that can fit your system because of the numbers you have to choose from. Danville constantly has to change what they do year to year because players graduate and you don't have 100 new freshmen a year. That forces you to fit your offense to your personnel. That's coaching.
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