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  1. Where will it be played? This old Mayfield grad will be home for the Thanksgiving Break! GO CARDS!!!
  2. Ft. Campbell has hired John Cunningham to coach the boys basketball team this year. Coach Cunningham use to coach at Trigg Co. I wish him all the luck in the world. It's a great place to coach!! Athletes everywhere...
  3. Does anyone know how the district 8 draw came out today? Did they vote to draw or seed next year?
  4. FC 34 Monroe 18 I smell the pizza....in Louisville!
  5. Intercepted by Raquan Durrante. Good for him, he's coming back from nagging injury
  6. 31 sec to go in 3rd. FC scores again. FC 27 Monroe18
  7. My understanding is that Antonio Andrews did not play at all. :cry:
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