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  1. Also, starting center and middle linebacker was a transfer from Perry Central(He returned back to PCC after the football season was completed). Two starting lineman(on the defensive and offensive line) were transfers from WV. The fathers of the PCC transfer and the one of the lineman's father were given teaching jobs and were assistant football coaches. The are both no longer teachers or coaches for the 2011-12 year and season.
  2. Being a three seed in a four team district is not going to catch much props. Not only that look at some of the beatings they have taken this year. Win some district titles and compete for the region and maybe you may see some props come your way.
  3. In the 2004 AA state championship Belfry ran the bone and rushed for 526 yards and only passed the ball twice (one pass was a halfback pass). There is always 8 or 9 in the box on them and they are usually pretty successful in running the ball.
  4. Yes, Belfry does have the money to pay for the jerseys, but Community Trust can definitely afford 30 more jerseys. It's all about being fair and equal. Every school gets the same amount of money from the bowl, so why should Belfry have to fork out more money than any other school. We all know who brings in the money to the bowl. If one team recieves all their jerseys, then they should all receive them, don't punish a team for having more players.
  5. It is a good gesture. It would be even better if Belfry was given more than fifty jerseys. They have to pay for the rest of them, which is usually around thirty more. I guess it is better than nothing though.
  6. I am not downing Highlands in any way because they have a great program but in no way has Highlands dominated Belfry when they have met. The last two meetings consisted of Highlands beating Belfry in overtime in the state semi-finals and Belfry beating Highlands the next year by the score of 35-7.
  7. I have a questing about Louisville Central. How are they playing in class 3A with right at 1000 students in their school. That is what some 5A schools have.
  8. If it makes you feel better to make up these false accusations than go right ahead because Belfry whipped southern two straigt years.
  9. If the coach does not get control of certain players actions on the field it will come back to haunt him throughout the season.
  10. JC must not have any faith on ever winning a state championship. Receiving a ring is a great accomplishment and should be given just on the state level, not district,region, or even semi-state.
  11. Whether you are talking about this current violation, having to forfeit all wins two years ago, the hazing incident, and all the late hit penalites, it all falls on the head coach, he is the boss and evidently he has surrounded his self with the wrong people.
  12. I wouldn't change too much because the second half was a total domination and was about another 45 seconds short of another trip to Louisville.
  13. You forgot Middlesboro, In my opinion they are a top three team in AA in 06. Russell, Middlesboro, and Belfry in no particular order. Once again the champion will come from the east.
  14. Matt Maynard of Belfry. Football, Basketball, Track
  15. Are High School financial statements available for the public to view? If so, those would be interesting to see.
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