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  1. Greetings from an "old timer" haha. Fellas, you have let EKY slip off of BGP! I check up on you every now and then, but rarely do I find much about our side of the state! Whats going on? Less posters? Less to talk about? Hurts my baseball heart!
  2. Its really tough to see that program slipping downhill recently. There has always been such a great tradition of excellence in that program and lately it has definitely gone downhill. I hope that after some young guys grow up and mature in their abilities that the program will turn itself around, but as for now they are going to really struggle against a decent team. Nowhere near enough pitching and a lack of ability to score runs leaves you hanging out to dry even at the high school level.
  3. Agreed, and I also found that out the hard way! The original red Stealth was one of the best bats ever made, but since then the quality has gone WAY downhill!
  4. We use the Adidas dry-fits for all of our uniforms and I want to say that we use the Rawlings catcher's gear as well. My school is working on a deal with Adidas so most of our equipment/uniforms are through them. And conditioning has went really well. The team looks pretty solid and I really think we will compete this year! How has everything looked back in your neck of the woods?
  5. Personally I still love my batting gloves! I feel naked at the plate without them! Nothing better than a good SOFT pair of gloves when your at the plate!
  6. Bats - Rawlings-Rush Baseballs - Rawlings Batting Helmets - N/A Jerseys - Love the new Adidas "dri-fit" models Costs vary Pants - Brand and durability Spikes - Under Armour (pricey sometimes but absolutely the most comfortable!) Gloves - Rawlings-H Webs, or completely closed in (for pitching) Pullovers - N/A Catchers Gear - Rawlings, but not a catcher, so only a vanity thing... Field Equipment
  7. Oh, please tell me thats a joke...Get outside!!! :cry:
  8. Travis was a great guy. His knowledge and love for the game of baseball was encouraging to me and many others. The knowledge he passed to me will stay with me forever.
  9. The analyst I was listening to was calling it a good pick! Saying Revere was "one of his favorite players in the draft." Good luck Ben!
  10. Yeah, no more than five or six since the turf was installed. All that is required is that the rain stops at some point. The second it is over, the field will be fine to play on. Blanton may be a great pitcher, but I caught more fish than him last night!
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