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  1. Im pulling for Belfry! I want them to prove everyone wrong that we dont need Doug and David this year.
  2. HB Chapman (Jr)- 79 carries, 1105 yards, 14 yds. per carry, 12 TD
  3. Matt Maynard, Corey Chapman, Dustin May
  4. Belfry comes out big, running up the score in the first half. Sheldon Clark is having one of their best teams in a while but I still dont think they are capable of stopping Matt Maynard, Dustin May and Corey Chapman. Belfry has one of the best if not the best special teams unit in the Region. That has contributed to mos of their wins this season. Did anybody else see Matt Maynard on that outstanding punt return last night. WOW! Belfry-49 Sheldon Clark-14
  5. WOW! Thats pretty dag on good......................3 backs for close to 1000 yards each.
  6. Doug Howard Belfry David Jones Belfry Arliss Beach Ashland
  7. Belfry is going to be very tough this year, after a disappointing year last year, i look for them to be very surprising.
  8. Yes Matt does have an older brother, two actually, Marion and Boobie.
  9. Aaron Chapman and Corey Chapman will be a major part of the success for the Pirates this year.
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