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  1. Pikeville is struggling??? Aren't they 13-4?
  2. Sounds to me like the game was cancelled in the top half of the inning. Therefore, the score reverts back to the previous inning. Wolfe was leading 7-6.
  3. Did the Smith kid throw the whole game last night? Rumor has that he threw 160 pitches.
  4. How did Knott do in their scrimmage Saturday?
  5. Williams could throw it but he didn't throw 85. Those guys are few and far between. Here is a new one. List the best left handed pitchers in the 14th the last 15 years. Jason Couch--PCC Clay Salyers--Hazard John Deaton--Buckhorn ??????
  6. I am back. Not being critical, but when I look at that list I believe that the Littles, Wells, and Fulton are probably the only ones to throw it 85 with any consistancy. The others were very good however. That is the great thing about high school baseball. You don't have to throw it 85 to be effective. If you can change speeds and move it around you can be good. Two of the best pitchers I ever seen were lefties that threw no harder that 74. Also, Jarnigan might have forgot about Rouch and Cercy (both of whom were drafted & Rouch pitches for Washington now) when he was talking
  7. There has been guys talking about throwing 85+ on here. Name the most recent guy in this region that threw that hard. I have to go back a long way. I am not sure that Morgan throws that hard. I have never seen him and I have seen him pitch alot. He is a very good pitcher.
  8. If Perry was the number 4 team in the region, how did they win it?
  9. If I am not mistaken, Powell Co. met a pretty good Perry Central team at least 2 or the 3 years from 96-99 in the first round of the Region.
  10. The next really good coach in the 14th will Be Varney at Powell. Very studious and has been a key member of the Hazard coaching staff.
  11. Anytime they wait till the last minute to put up lights they take a chance of interfering with the teams practice and games. I think Knott Co. had someone get on their field a few years ago fixing lights and caused a bunch of damage to the outfield.
  12. List coaches in number of years as a head coach. Hammonds--25 years. (estimate) Dixon--11 G. Combs--11 R. Melton--10 S. Melton--9 Meehan--9 Dean--8 All of these are guesses. Am I close?
  13. I think Hammonds actually has 5. Ron Combs won 2 regions and took one of his teams to the final four where they lost a close game to PRP.
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