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  1. Soph. Class G - Devin Evans G - Nick Noble F- Timmy Murrell F- Travis Murrell
  2. If my memory serves me right doesn't a guy by the name of......oh what is his name?......Oh yeah SCOTTY HOPSON!!! play for UHA... No one in this tournament can and will match up with him!
  3. I agree with Augger the problem for the owls is at the point guard position. They can't find no one with the ability to get the ball up the floor and handle the pressure without turning it over. Daniel Neely was the last good guard Owsley had! Also if owsley can't get the ball to Mcintosh and Reed in the middle they are not going to far very well. The Post is the bread and butter right now!
  4. Last season was the first full season Mcintosh has played at the varsity level!!!
  5. Kentucky 27 South Carolina 17 Dicky Lyons Jr. Catches TD's 7 & 8 on the season!!!!
  6. WOW! Great game by Arkansas. Darren McFaggden is a solid running back!!!!
  7. 1. Hazard 2. JBS 3. Perry Central 4. Lee Co. 5. Breathitt Co. Sleeper Owsley Co. 1. Justin Hicks 2. Clark Stepp 3. Michael Campbell 4. Daniel Neely 5. Tyler Bailey Sleeper Tate Cox
  8. The Owls Defense hurt them in this game. They made way to many errors in this game. IMO that was the deciding factor in the game.
  9. I think it will come down to who brings their bats with them. Owsley has Neely & Congelton they can pitch.
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