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  1. :thumb: I think an immediate move to 2A is in order, however, for Beechwood.
  2. Beechwood needs to move up to retain their integrity as a top notch small-school program along with NewCath. Neither programs' season would be complete (in my mind at least) without playing eachother in a game that meant something state-title wise.
  3. I will not now, nor will I ever support this system.
  4. So would NewCath's from what I see so far, unless I'm missing something. Not as bad as the Juggs' though.
  5. The starting QB will be Jared Harris, no questions asked.
  6. I'm saying the quote of "NewCath, Danville, and Beechwood are the Big 3" is usually the tune heard every year. Mayfield hasn't been as consistently in it the past few years.
  7. Like a broken record... gotta love it. Who knows how many times this has been said before and during a KY high school football season.
  8. A State Final (especially the champ) 1A team is, more often than not, going to be better than a State Final 2A team. NewCath will most likely be the stronger team.
  9. Haven't heard that... I'll make some calls.
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