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  1. Thanks, because the way it sounded was that this may be the greatest running team the world has ever known.
  2. The way this reads, Russell has more D-1 players than FC. Congrats Russell on having the overall team speed award! :laugh:
  3. Thanks Pirate Pal... That is what I have tried to convey to people. In a hurry up offense with a lot of passes the team has a chance all the time. OC had a young, small defense last year. My whole point was that even with Belfry's domination of clock and ground attack they still had to hold off OC offence the entire game. This year OC is much bigger and better on the line defensively and I suspect it will be the difference. OC is a better more well rounded team this year.
  4. Well, that why fans, family, and friends get on here to tout their teams and have fun talking. Thanks for stating the obvious, that the game will be played and decided on Saturday. :flame:
  5. Don't worry about it 2-shirts! If you speak objectively on here some fans think you instantly speak negatively of their team. Its called being sensitive. I agree with your points. :walk:
  6. I don't think you guys get it. 11 passes is not very many. OC ran 80 offensive plays against FC who had the ball for more or less equal time. OC does more in the time it has. OC passes over 50% of the time. That being said can Russell's DBs cover the pass on potentially 40 plays. Its a lot of running. Belfry got over 500 yards last year and yet only won the game by 7 points. OC has a constant moving offense with big play potential ever down. My point is OC had a young inexperienced defense last year and this year they are bigger and more mature and it shows. OC offens
  7. What is Russell's overall record? How many on the Roster? How many over 250lbs? How many sacks on the season? How many interceptions? I am Just curious.
  8. I call'em like I see them. I think God likes a straight shooter. He probably would prefer that I did not cuss, so I will agree I could have been nicer. You got the point and so did Rambo. :thumb:
  9. Owensboro Catholic's Coach John Edge should be a big favorite. Head Coach for 2004 and 2005. In his first 2 seasons he has taken a school that only went to State once in their entire history. He has taken them 2 times in two years. Not to mention he is only 29 and these are his first 2 years at head coach. I would have to say he has to be the youngest coach in history of the state to have done this and maybe the only one to have done it in their first two seasons as a head coach. Does anybody else see this as an accomplishment deserving of Coach of the Year or is it just me?
  10. DITTO GreenNation. Every team in the state is soooooooo much more physical than OC. Yet somehow the little bitty Aces just keep knocking everyone off. At this point accoding to all the previous posts week after week OC has played more physical teams than anyone. No one is any more physical than OC. Their line on both sides is tough. OC wins this one by 14 in the 4th Q. Russell will run out of gas! I am sure Russell is a good team for all of you Russell fans but its the Aces Year. PERIOD. Also, for the record, I want my cudos on the 21 point spread I said the Aces would
  11. Aces win big in the 4th quarter if the turnover ratio is low. Aces will probably be up by 7 going into the 4th and then win it by 21... OC 42 DeSalles 21 :thumb:
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