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  1. No matter what talent level they are at now, I can guarentee you Brian Lane will develop them.
  2. Brooks said it was the best first day of full pads at spring practice since he's been here. I am really excited about this season!
  3. Yeah he makes terrible in game decisions!! You've got ot joking right? He obviously doesn't know what he's doing, I mean he's only won 2 state titles.
  4. Yeah and I didn't like 'em one bit!!
  5. Well I wasn't trying to come off that way. Sorry if I did, but those first two games ecspecially we didn't shoot to well, and against Oldham there wasn't any point in playing Bud and Matt in the second half.
  6. Not complainig at all or anything. But how is it that both teams were shooting 1 and 1 in the first and the third quarters? A lot of nicky nacky stuff and then at times they would let them play. Very inconsistent. I can handle refs being consistently good or bad as long as the make the same calls all game, but if they change several times during the game thats bad officiating.
  7. In the first round against Oldham Co. there was nothing wrong with sitting the starters in the 2nd half. Friday against Adair Co. they took us out of our game for a while and slowed down the pace. Add on top of that some poor shooting that'll do it. But playing down to their frist two opponets on purpose absolutely not. Sorry they couldn't win the Sweet 16 too convincingly for ya.
  8. Wears his emotions on his sleeve. Nothing wrong with that. He must be doing something right with two titles.
  9. There was a pep rally at the school after the game. I think every police car in G-town was escorting the buses to the school. I couldn't be any prouder of what this team has accomplished this year. But back to the game. Ballard is a very good defensive team. They play the hardest pressure defense I have ever seen. They trap the ball every time and force bad passes and get in the passing lanes. They palyed great defense this morning against Warren Central too.
  10. Whats wrong with the job Mitch Barnhardt has done since he's been here? Football program on the rise, and baseball still up and coming. Personally I don't see a problem with the job he's done at all.
  11. Will this maybe seem important enough for Moriss to roll out of bed for? He's chalanging this team's man hood and hopefully UK's bigs step up. After the kind of game he had at Rupp do ya'll think that warrants this type of a comment?
  12. The Gauntlet that is the 11th Region!! Man I love this time of year!
  13. I'll take the players we got right now. Whats the point in speculating what "could of been"?? IMO Perry, Thomas, and Orbzut are better options for us than Neltner. Brewer is a very good player but do you think Tubby would of predicted that he would of hit a 2-3 inch growth spurt at Florida?
  14. How many times do we have to told that Tubby passed up on Lofton??? I thought it was annoying before but now it really is. Tubby and UK aren't the only ones that passed on him. Pretyy much every major D-1 program passed on him except Tennessee and they are now reaping their rewards in a great player. How many times are you going to use this argument?? It's getting old!
  15. Markus Burchfield is a name to keep an eye on. He is only a sophmore and he can shoot the ball very well. Should be a solid player when he gets more game experience. SOunded like he provided a few solid minutes late in the game.
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