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  1. Rebels will win this one going away. I was very impressed by this year's team and #2 is going to have a magical season. He reminds me a lot of Jeremy Brit by the way he reads his blocks and makes decisive cuts.
  2. This diehard Danville fan has been away from the posting but not the cheering. Danville has struggled with mental toughness the past couple of years. When they get hit or behind they just haven't been able to step up to the challenge. I agree with earlier post as well that the offense has lacked consistency and attitude. Maybe with Harp retiring from teaching duties, he be more focused on play calling.
  3. I have watched Macon over the last 3 years. He is a legit D1 recruit. The kid has all the skills necessary to be a great receiver. He is extremely athletic and is coordinated for his Height. I have seen plenty of talls not coordinated enough to make any catch. His Height is part of the package. What I have questioned is his heart on every play. You can scout him easily. He runs hard when the play is for him and eases up when the play is not directed at him. He tends to to rise up when pressed but not when he is not involved. I think the key is to keep him involved in the offense and
  4. This Admiral is going to vote for the BW/NC game. Maybe the guru will be there and tailgate.:dancingpa
  5. That is a good 5 hour drive. For a Danville fan Belfry is a tough place go. Will it be "raining"? : )
  6. The Admirals are off next week, 11/2/7 and Titletown, Wireman, Adopted Admiral and myself are looking for the best game in the state to visit next week. What are our options and why? Can we Tailgate with you?
  7. I think Danville would be in trouble if Frankfurt was at full strength. I just hope the news that EJ is out doesn't mean another lackadaisical effort from the ADs. ADs - 22 Panthers - 7
  8. Nice win, sorry I couldn't be there last night. It was good to hear that Harp opened up the offense a little after the Bardstown letdown.
  9. Danville will win it a tight one. We must learn to get Macon in the game early.
  10. Not a problem, you're a good football player, you know where you want to go. What if Danville HS was near Lexington, I know they are close but what if they were in the Metro area? They would be unstoppable, IMO. I imagine there are plenty of stories where a middle school athlete left one school to go to another because they thought they would have an impact, but they didn't pan out. Maybe because they didn't mature physically or emotionally the way their parents thought they would and are now missing out on old friendships. That is the risk of open enrolement. I personally don't hav
  11. Lastly, the KHSAA rules on transferring still apply. I think this is the key point. The decision must be made when entering the ninth grade or the student risk the penalty of sitting out a year.
  12. I am not sure it is the most difficult job in the state. Highlands in my opinion is the toughest. I think expectations are reasonable for now for Pardue. The talent pool at BC from what I am hearing will be down for a couple of years. I think for Pardue to be a "success", he would have to maintain the attacking style of offense, develop a QB, and make it deep in the playoffs. He will have to show the same work ethic of Smith and commitment to winning. I think if he puts a competitive team on the field that the fans will support him. Even with all their success recently, most longtime fa
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