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  1. I like this system better than what we had before, more schools make more money and the kids get to play more ball. You also have the long shot, Cinderella scenario which crops up from time to time. Bottom line is , more ticket sales means more money for all sports!
  2. I like to play teams out in the state to sample the food. John Hardins cheeseburgers and Bardstowns' pork chop sandwhich come to mind. See you guys at the St X victory.
  3. "on paper" I think X is a four touchdown favorite, but!!!, This young overachieving Manual team and an excellent job of coaching By Coach Nichols and his staff, has put The Crimsons in the playoffs again. There is always hope, and a few lucky plays and a couple of lucky bounces and??????Ya gotta believe!
  4. if a light burns , it works. it costs like $6000 to replace all the bulbs, so, that not happening, new lights,,ie new technology, costs about $125,000, using the old light towers, I have heard of the possibility this may happen but dont remember if it was school board or brick money. The school board replaces dangerous lighting first, (southern). Someone needs to bite the bullitt and trip and fall due to poor lighting and we will be able to get something done. It should be someone young bbcause you guys heal faster, I nominate one the rams bros,, come on guys, take one for the team! Anyhow,
  5. i wish the schoolboard appreciated this gem as much as we all do!
  6. Red tail hawk everyday, two red fox about once a month, 3-4 deer every week and they just trapped some beaver out of the creek next to me (beargrass creek),,,,, and I live 100 yards away from oxmoor mall in louisville!!!!
  7. some one told me alot of the scallops you get today are really shark, due to the shortage of scallops, and that scollops are really smaller as in nickel diameter,,,???
  8. went saturday to a buddys' farm pond, he caught a 1# bass on a 6" firetail worm. that fish was so cold it had little color. I had several hits but failed to set the hook. This year i am making myself learn open faced as I have always been a baitcasting reel fan and a fly fisherman. I had trouble adjusting to the whippy rod as opposed to the broom sticks i am used to, lol. (It will be fun though and am looking forward to the ultralight side of open face reels) IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL DAY!
  9. my favorite subject! Bluegill fried straight from the pond or 12"walleye cooked in an iron skillet on shore by a canadian indian guide with potatoes and onions. oh man!
  10. What were the final standings in the state, A>P> and litkenhouse and lets take it from there
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