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  1. I used to use a slide rule in high school, but then someone went and invented the calculator and all that hard earned knowledge went for naught.
  2. I've seen O-Cath play several times in the past. Hard to believe this one!!! Congrats to the OHS.
  3. The age cutoff was changed this year to May 1. The KY Royals have a few good ones as well.
  4. So the umpire made a difinitive call, decided he was wrong, and asked the home plate ump, who didn't see the play, to bail him out??? WOW! I thought he had it right the first time. Now, at least to me, he looks wrong and more wrong. Another strange event was that half way through the game which was senior nite for WV, 2 senior starters left the game to go to an awards ceremony. I guess a 6-18 season can do that to you. Regardless, none of this should detract from the fact that both pitchers pictched very well.
  5. It was over in a hurry, for sure. One interesting call by the boys in blue. In the last AB for WV, on a grounder that the SS bobbled and then threw to first, the field umpire called the batter out. Without being asked for help (at least I didn't see it), the home umpire overruled the field umpire and called the batter safe. Isn't this a breach of umpiring etiquette?
  6. This is a shocker. WV has had a tough time winning games this year. Any details?
  7. The runner on 2B was forced to 3B and must reach 3b to take the force away. The run definitely does NOT count.
  8. If Georgetown wants to stay on par next year, they will need a pitcher or two like Curley. Yes, they have numerous talented freshmen, but will be loosing 3 of their top 4 starters to graduation. Considering the limited amount of scholarship money available at GC (3 1/2 scholarships last year), I personally would be very surprised if they can get Curley. It would be nice, but I just don't see it happening. Of course, you also have to look at what happened to Travis Smith last year holding out for the best offer. Widely considered one of the top prospects in the NKY area (Ranked as high as #149
  9. That is REALLY sad! :cry: But somehow, I'm not surprised. First hand, I don't believe the 'possible' 3-4mph gain is worth the risk, pain, worry and expense. That is simply a very bad decision.
  10. My son is one of the WV players that had TJS in HS. I can assure it wasn't from overuse. Unfortunately for my son, it was a misdiagnosis. He saw doctors for several years about some elbow pain that started after one particular outing. They all told him it was tendonitis and that he couldn't do any more damage to it by playing. They told him to take some OTC pain relievers and carry on. Finally, after two years of frustration, we took him to a specialist, Dr. Kremchek. Within 5 minutes, he had diagnosed the problem and had him scheduled for an MRI to verify. He had severe damage to the ulnar co
  11. Heard that Ludlow had a pitcher come in throwing mid 80's. Anyone know who that was?
  12. The KY Royals 18u coach is Ryan Ponotowski. Beau Brake will be assisting him. As mentioned before, I'm sure the Royals would welcome anyone who could improve their team. They play their home games at Boone Co. HS. For contact info, you can PM me.
  13. University of Tampa is DII currently with a 4-3 record. They have a game scheduled vs NKU March 8. For info see: http://www.ut.edu/athletics/sportsinfo.html
  14. No brainer. Grant Co. or SK. They definitely got their better of it.
  15. Does that mean Curley is also going to NKY? I heard they wanted to stick together.
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