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  1. Breds will win this one by 20! Fillies could win by 10. There will be no problem for the Breds tonight and Coach K will get his first District Championship!
  2. I don't see how anybody could overlook anybody when your this close to a state championship. I'm gonna go with PRP in this one.
  3. Christian County will win this one by as many as they want.
  4. FYI The Mason County game will be made up as the nitecap of a DH today with Harrison squaring off verses Scott County in the opener.
  5. Can't explain the GRC and Clark County thing. Harrison and Bourbon have played much weaker schedules than the others who are rated with worse records. That's not to take anything away from the Thorobreds and Colonels accomplishments, because both teams have had outstanding seasons.
  6. The way it has turned out, Harrison has only played 1 game this week and hopefully will get to play Scott County on Friday. The time they need to be on the field aganst some stiffer competition the most, the weather has sure dampened those opportunities. The Breds are young and inexperienced and can use as much game situation and good competition as they can get. These late season rainouts have really hurt.
  7. Believe me, the attitude is what makes Harrison County special !!!!! Most teams only wish they could sport the Harrison County attitude and then be able to back it up on the field like Harrison County has been able to do for about 30 years. They may not win the region, but who would have thought they would be 20-4 going in to the last week of the regular season? They do have a legitimate shot of winning the Regional too.
  8. Sounds to me like it is raining now in Northern Kentucky and too wet to play! You guys are killing me. FYI - Campbell cancelled the first game at Campbell. Harrison does play at Tates Creek tonight weather permitting.
  9. An interesting concept, but the official recordkeeping would be much more difficult. I do agree that it has some merit though.
  10. I'm sure Coach W and the Breds like to fly under the radar when possible.
  11. How could I forget? That was the greatest "almost" moment in Pendleton County Baseball History. But, as you know almost don't count. It's a shame to have to always refer to an almost win. I still say Harrison in 5 if they want to win it in 5.
  12. I agree, they have had some of their tougher games rained out. This week could be a good test for them with Scott, Newport Central Catholic, Tates Creek, Scott County, and someone else.
  13. I have seen him throw and that gun you use needs to be re-calibrated.
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