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  1. :mad: :flame: :thumb: :ylsuper: :sleep:
  2. I think Nevels will be offered D1 scholly's by someone next year because of his Speed, and agressivness. IMO
  3. Kevin Smith NCC Cody Wolfe, Dustin Alvey, Ryan Fogle CONNER Jeff Wera BEECHWOOD Jeff Dress COV CATH Jordan Nevels Sean Sester HIGHLANDS Matt Wingrove RYLE All these players either will have the name/stats to earn Honorable Mentions on the all state team except Dress and Wera could be both earn a spot on the teams.
  4. visit his Grandma for dinner to talk about
  5. A Trinity Male all-star team would crush a Eastern All-Star team probably by a blow out QB Brohm then with some funked formations Bush RB Spencer/ Elbert WR Bush /McBroom /May /Mudd lol with just that set of skilled players I would put up them up against alot of all-star teams across the country.
  6. Actually I would almost gurrante that by next season Jordan is pretty rocked up. He is already getting there, and will be the most athletic kid on the Highlands team right now. He is really a fast player he will run a legit 4.3 by the time he is out of high school. He will start at corner, and probably take reps at WR, and RB.
  7. Ryle Football Ryle High School started it’s football program in 1992 under Coach Eckstein who is the current coach at Carrol County High School. Ryle only competed in 5 varsity games it’s first football season, and went 1-4 in play. The next year they went 3-7 in there first full season of Varsity, and played in 3A. Every since then they have compiled a overall 57-45 win/loss record. Early on Coach Eckstein was blessed with some good running backs, and just like it’s close neighbor, Boone County High school, Ryle adopted the “smashmouth”offense . In the early years of the football
  8. I'll stick with the holiday, and say good ole' turkey
  9. BBQ Bass, Bluegill Chips, and Catfish Filets....MMMMMMMMM
  10. Good Ole' minnows for Bass fishing. Worms for Bluegill. Chicken liver, and Bluegill for Catfish.
  11. Think you can win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor?
  12. My Spider Senses say that this could be interesting to see.....
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