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  1. Ballard has a big timer in Jonathan Gholson...A basketball player who has seen the light...this kid can flat out run and catch...at 6'2" he will pose a problem for defensive backs.
  2. Ballard has a very smooth kid in TJ Pryor...has all the tools and plenty to throw to...he will be a junior...finished the season last year as the starter. Will have a great year if they can protect for him.
  3. Add Garnett Phelps of Ballard High School signed with EKU
  4. As a HS coach, I would say it is most definitely the coaches job and obligation to see that an athlete has the opportunity to play college ball...the coach has a much more knowledgeable idea as to what level of play the athlete has a chance of being successful at...the problem arises when the athlete and /or family disagrees and thinks the athlete is capable of playing at a higher level...at my school we have been fortunate in that over 90% of graduating seniors who have wanted to continue playing have had an opportunity to do so...and they were not all Div-1 players...and that is the key...there is somewhere an athlete can play...we have a strong database of colleges, jucos, etc. and we don't encourage our players to use a recruiting service...it has proven to be too impersonal...there is someone on a coaching staff who can take the time to work with the athletes and see that they have an opportunity...Div.-1 athletes pretty much take care of themselves as they have offers...with a little work the next level athlete can have the same opportunity.
  5. At the Mid point of the season..it is obvious that 2 players are Ballard may be in a class by themselves...Ballard has some extremely talented players ...Ben Brooks, Joe Yackey, Garnett Phelps, Travis Boyd, Chris Hall...just to name a few...and with all the political implications in this State it is impossible to think they will all get any State mention...but if anyone has seen the Bruins play then you know that #22 Stevie Chaney(RB), and #70 Earl Heyman (OL/DL) are special players...Heyman has dominated everyone across from him and I mean dominated...Chaney just may be the best overall back in the state as he blocks, catches passes, and runs with an attitude...:argue:
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