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  1. Well said, coach. A student-athlete certainly has to know what they want, and ask accordingly. Now that you brought up the "asking" part, I am curious...how do you handle the situations when a player asks for help, but in your heart you don't really believe that athlete has college-level ability?
  2. BR- How sad, or should I say ridiculuous, is that? How the heck can a college football coach recruit without video? There are limited recruiting days, and most of them are when HS kids are not playing. That is a very unfortunate series of events, and your son's coaches are badly misinformed. BADLY. Should have shot the gosh darn video yourself!
  3. BR- WHY couldn't you send them any game footage? Or was your post a joke that I didn't get?
  4. tcat25- The answer to the second part of your question is contained within this thread. In a nutshell, if you rely ONLY on your HS coach, I think you will have limited options. And that is NOT a knock against HS coaches. They generally just don't know a whole lot of college coaches. Even if they know 20, would you rather take a shot at 20 schools, or 300? I don't feel UNSOLICITED video is the right approach. Too many times, it will not get looked at. I would encourage you to first contact as many college coaches as possible - for the division of competition you qualify for - to let them know who you are. If they are interested to the point where they want to see video, they will ask for it. Then, it will get viewed. Good luck.
  5. Transferring from NAIA to NCAA is not transferring "up," since they have separate affiliations. There are some rules, however, many of which have exceptions. Last year, I helped an NAIA girls basketball player transfer, and several NCAA DII were looking at her, and she would have been able to play right away. She ended up at another NAIA school. I also helped an NCAA DI softball player transfer from the team she was playing for as a freshman. She was NOT a scholarship player, got a "permission to contact" release from her coach, and ended up at another DI school (in Florida). She did not have to sit out at all. FYI...NAIA DI schools - when fully funded - have 11 basketball scholarships they can offer. NAIA DII schools have 6. I would guess that MOST NAIA schools are not fully funded, meaning they really won't have that many athletic scholarships to give.
  6. RBM - Don't know about those actual numbers off hand, but I will get them for you. nWo- NAIA is National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, NCAA is National Collegiate Athletic Association. Separate leagues, and more importantly, separate governing bodies. NAIA coaches can call and meet with prospective HS student-athletes darn near anytime. NCAA coaches have much stricter rules to follow. NAIA has a DI and DII just like NCAA, but they do not have a DIII. Both NAIA DI and DII have athletic scholarships available, but NAIA DI has more, just like NCAA DI has more then DII. In addition to what NHS Big Daddy stated, kids can also transfer from NCAA to NAIA (and vice versa), in many cases without penalty.
  7. Yes, indeed, they certainly will! KY T - Change your avatar. You can do better than that.
  8. They certainly do have "athletic" scholarships, and they certainly do have academic money, financial need based money, work study, etc. And they certainly do give full-rides in some cases. KY Thorobred would know more about the schools in his neck of the woods, but my experience has been - even for basketball, that full-rides are not the norm. But hey, if you are an NAIA powerhouse, you get that way by recruiting top-notch DI type players. And you do that by offering full-rides. So what the heck! Funny story - since basketball was mentioned. I was watching one of my kids last night, and a college coach introduced himself to me after the game - knowing I was working with this kid - and told me to stop telling other college coaches about him!!
  9. NAIA is no different from NCAA DI or DII schools with athletic scholarship money. For someone who has ability, yes, partial scholarships are pretty easily attainable. But it will be very partial. In some cases, I have had kids with initial offers the equivalent of the school paying for their books! That's why it makes sense to have a LOT of schools interested, so you can have many offers, hopefully some larger than others.
  10. BareRock- Right on the money. That's the kind of feedback I like to see, so thank you. One comment about your video feedback. It is very often the "unsolicited" video that gets thrown away by college coaches, that is why my goal is to FIRST create interest in the student-athlete to the point where the college coach asks for video footage, in which case he/she is a LOT more likely to watch it. Thanks again.
  11. Don't start another one. Partner with me. Check your PM mailbox.
  12. Shoot the 3- I appreciate the opinion, and I agree with you that colleges would prefer to speak with HS/Club coaches rather than parents. I was trying to establish that qualified HS student-athletes should not just sit idly at home waiting for their HS/Club coach to initiate contact and interest with colleges, because their HS/Club coach may not be able to contact as many colleges as necessary, even if the coach is extremely helpful in trying. Like you said, there are a lot of options - more than 1,000 4-year colleges offering most sports. If a kid has division of college flexibility and the willingness to consider traveling to go to school, there is likely a school out there for them. But what if that college is not one where the HS coach knows someone? That's my point - I think a proactive student-athlete can - either by himself/herself or with the help of a credible scouting service - can get their name out there to MORE colleges, creating MORE opportunities. Once the college coach finds out about the student-athlete, they will likely call the HS/Club coach (in which case I DO consider it the coaches' job to be responsive and HONEST with the college coach) or certainly request video footage. Even though it wasn't the case with this particular instance, many times the "is it the HS coach's job?" question is asked because people wonder why they should ever use a scouting service, thinking, "that's the HS coach's job, isn't it?" But a properly run service can open a lot of doors for kids. Almost all of the HS coaches whose kids I have helped agree that I do a pretty good job, as do college coaches (see the testimonials page on my website), which is why I sometimes take exception to the question that started this thread! Did you ever use a scouting service when you coached in college?
  13. Can't tell you how many times I have had the conversation about "is it the coaches job?" with people. Question - How many college coaches do you think a typical HS coach knows? Maybe 10? The coaches "help" should be in providing an accurate and honest assessment of the kids ability; it should not (IMO) be to promote the kid to hundreds of colleges - he/she doesn't have the time or money to do that. THAT should be the job of the student-athlete and his/her family, in conjunction with a reputable scouting service IF THEY SO DESIRE. When the student-athlete does contact colleges, he/she MUST include their HS/CLUB coach name and phone number (and an evaluation if at all possible), so that college coaches can call them if they wish. Then, it SHOULD BE the HS coach's job to respond to those college coaches who ask. Additional comments welcome.
  14. From email... just curious, seems to me i've watched some really good ball players over the yrs. but never really got recruited much. i know a athlete should try to sell themselves, but how far will they go without coaches help, be it any division? i mean some coaches go gung ho, but some have laid back attitude or are to busy.
  15. FYI...2003 results have been posted on my website - http://www.nsr-inc.com/tgreco. There is one change - Nathan Bechtel, football player from Middletown HS - is at Kent State, not Mount Union.
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