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  1. Dixie: Brach Rice LB and Armani Gregg QB
  2. Dixie Heights Starts next week according to the Head Coaches twitter and open to anyone.
  3. Just weird to look at this bracket and not see a Holmes team on it. Those 9th region battles over the years were epic when they had a small say in it. Topic for another thread but what is going on at Holmes the past few seasons?
  4. The first of many for this young man. An absolute man in the trenches. Going to be a fun one to track these next two seasons.
  5. Congrats to Coach Burke! Hats off to the Dixie admin for keeping this hiring close to the vest. Best of luck and hope the parents give him the space and time to truly make this his program. Great hire
  6. Rumor mill with the players is that it's been narrowed down to two candidates (no names yet) and the principal may make an announcement hopefully early next week.
  7. You wonder if a guy like that is just looking for the next big thing instead of establishing a foothold and building a program. Not faulting anyone for moving upward, just saying Dixie has enjoyed a lot of continuity with their head coaches, my opinion is they are looking for more of a long term guy, and with experience.
  8. If the rumor mill is correct, Coach Elkin is soon to be announced as the head coach at Goshen High in Ohio. If this is true, big loss for the red Colonels.
  9. Kids loved him, would be an absolute slam dunk hire. Brings experience and some continuity with whats left of the staff. That defensive staff was solid under him.
  10. You make some great points here. I’m not so sure the answer is that simple. Coach Brossart was very involved in the Dixie Youth getting back up and running and several Dixie parents were also involved. So there is an investment to get kids in Dixie football. The freshman numbers this year were up significantly to where they could field a legit freshman squad. Injuries played a role in a couple of sophomores getting freshman time this season. The Turkeyfoot coach had the time and availability to be present at youth games… that’s awesome and I love to hear it. How many coaches did Dixie have on staff the last couple seasons? Between JV, Frosh, and Film when would they have the time to do that?
  11. Better for the thread when you just type why you think he is.
  12. Great point. Dixie is a victim of sorts when it comes to geographical location. Beechwood and CovCath are big pulls of kids in the area. There are a couple of incoming seniors that were Dixie freshman and Beechwood kids played pee-wee with Dixie kids. Take your kid to one of two great academic institutions with great sports programs, or Dixie where they will get educated to standard but be in a football program that is sometimes competitive but, won’t typically win anything outside of the region in their class. As a parent, if you have the choice and the means, you give your child the best opportunity to be successful at whatever they do. And when the choice between Dixie and the two schools down the street are presented, that choice is evident. Those Dixie kids that are on the roster bust their butts but will never consistently be as competitive against the other two schools.
  13. Thanks for this perspective. Very different times.
  14. If the rumor mill is true there is no support from the administration at Dixie. The principal is a basketball guy. On paper this looks like a great job. But, whoever gets selected for this job may have issues finding open spots for themself, or their staff as teachers in the building. I’m sure some will lobby for the Turkeyfoot middle school coach but he’s not ready for a jump that big to 6A.
  15. Ryle played the ground and pound game against a worn down and injured Dixie defense. The clock management game may help the Raiders for a while but Trinity has an offense that can score quick. Ryle hasn't really been tested since CovCath. Trinity is also playing some of its best ball of the season at the right time. I'm not saying Trinity blows out Ryle, but the Raiders do not win this game.
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